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Pacer  (from Lysandra and Legacy)   a red European Burmese  and Chippendale  (from Nieuport and Strathkirk Ms Cosette), a cream European Burmese --European Burmese kittens 6 with --  photo taken Mar.26 -- Born Mar 5 2018
2 male 4 females  all good .
Some pictures  June 4th

Cessna (from Lysandra and Legacy)  a Sable Tortie European Burmese and Krishna a Black Shaded Silver Burmilla-- Burmilla kittens 9     photos take May 16-- born April 31 2018
4 Black Shaded Silver  - 3 male 1 female
2 Red Shaded Silver , both male 1 is full expression red, the other is burmese expression red.
3 Sable Shaded Silver 1 male 2 female  ( this is Burmese expression Black)
None of the females show any signs of tortie.
all doing fine.

Many folks ask us "What is a Burmilla?". In short, it is  a Burmese, bred one time in it's ancestry to a Chinchilla Persian (A Burmese with a little bit of "Chinchilla"). Hence the name. The favoured form and that most shown, is the black/brown shaded silver, but the cat can come in all patterns and colours emulating many different breeds,  including some that are identical to a Burmese. .... Different jurisdictions handle the breed in slightly different ways than we do in CCA,  including a few who allow breeding back to the "Chinchilla". We refer to that cat as a "Chin-ese" ;-))   (A "Chinchilla" with little bit of Burmese). For more on all this see the Burmilla/Tiffanie, Genetics,  and ABCS  links below.  For  us it is the famous Burmese character that counts.

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The objective of this site is to : Readers should understand that this site is always  "a work in progress". It functions primarly as cattery logbook, photos are for record keeping , are generally unamended and natural.

To find out more about our program and view some of our cats, we refer you to our following pages: Based in the Greater Toronto, Canada, area, we specialize in "European"Burmese, and are in the process of introducing the Burmilla to Canada and the United States. The Cattery is registered with both the Canadian Cat Assoc. (CCA) and the American based Cat Fancy Assoc. (CFA). European Burmese is what we breed under CFA registry, Foreign Burmese is the term used by CCA. All cats meet the European Burmese standard of CFA.

The Foreign Burmese was introduced to the Canadian Cat Show World in 1986, by Jean Morphee-Barnard of STRATHKIRK Cattery. She began her lines by breeding cats with British backgrounds to traditional Canadian Burmese. Jean subsequently imported additional British cats in order to specialize in the Red and Cream colours. The first Cream Burmese to achieve Championship status in Canada was Strathkirk's Sam The Man in the Summer of 1993.

By the Fall of 1993, STRATHKIRK and Horizon's Cattery, (Ann Kidd and Ivan Battye), began working together to pursue the Foreign Burmese Breeding Program and to bring the Burmilla to Canada. In December 1995 we were fortunate to import a male and female "Tiffanie", (long haired Burmilla), from England. In 1996, a Chinchilla Persian was also acquired for our own foundation breeding.

In 1998 the Burmilla was accorded full championship status in CCA thus completing their formal recognition. CFA do not currently recognise the Burmilla.

In 1998 we imported 3 European Burmese from South Africa in order to out-cross our lines. In 1999 we imported a a European Burmese boy, Wigram, of French and Swiss pedigree. In the fall of 2000 we imported 2 Burmillas from Ireland and added 2 European Burmese from England who came via the United States. In March 2002 two European Burmese were added from Ireland. Nov. 2002 Heaven arrived from Germany. She is a European Burmese with German and Australian lines. In 2004 two European Burmese of Australian Pedigree were aquired. In 2005 a "European Burmese" from CFA arrived.  In the spring of 2006 a Burmilla was imported from Denmark. In late 2006 and 2007 we started working with a Quebec based Persian Breeder with an interest in the Burmilla. They have aquired various European Burmese and undertaken a foundation breeding creating a totally new line of Burmillas using a North American bred Chinchilla Persian. He is Catsland Elliot.  Horizons Oprah is from that program as is Catsland Roy Brown of Horizons, a  CFA/CCA European Burmese of Australian origins.

Our  cats are bred to produce a hybrid vigor by the use of Canadian, British, American, European, South African, and Australian Burmese lines. We avoid contemporary Burmese in our pedigrees. Our cats are home raised and bred for purr-sonality. Kittens are available for Pet, Breed, or Show.

We also wish to give our cats the quality of life that a breeding program may not provide. As such, we attempt to spay or neuter our cats by the age of 4. In this way, males can roam free of being caged and females can turn their attention to having fun rather than nursing kittens! We try to be extra careful when placing these retired adults in order to match their personality to the new situation, they are our pets, we know them well and sometimes it can take a while for their hormones to calm down. If there should be any settling in problem we will gladly take them back. In some cases, a female is only bred once and is ready to go to her new home by the age of 18 months.

We would be pleased to address your inquiries and comments. You can reach any one of us at  kiddbatt@mac.com  by phone at 905 665 1534.

We are sometimes asked for permission to use our pictures and/or our information. We have no objection to their use, however we do ask that you advise us and give appropriate credit and links to this site.  We are purposefully not copyrighted.

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