ABCS Constitution

The following is proposed as a starting point for debate. It is a copy of the European Burmse cat club by-laws. It is probably a template and as such is  less than perfect.
Any comments will be posted in red below each section - -ed




This club is named the XX Cat Club.


This is a nonprofit cat club affiliated with the Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (CFA). No part of the club's profits, dues, funds, or assets shall be used to the benefit or profit of any individual(s).


The objectives of this club are:
1.To promote, and inform people about, the CFA XX cat breed and its counterparts in other countries.
2. To promote the welfare of all cats.
3. To promote breeding pedigreed cat to CFA standards.
4. To sponsor cat shows and exhibits.
5. To advance the interests of breeders, exhibitors, and owners of pedigreed cats and of persons interested in the welfare and beauty of cats.
6. To promote good sportsmanship and friendship among cat fanciers.

Persons interested in the objectives of this club may apply for membership.

This club's officers are its President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,  and three
Directors. These are elected by the membership and serve as the Executive Board, which is chaired by the President. The officers are elected by the membership for common two-year terms beginning on the first  day of every even numbered year.

An annual meeting shall be held at least one month prior to the CFA annual meeting. Other meetings may be held.

Annual dues in the amount established in this club's by-laws are due and payable on the fifteenth day of October of every year.

If this dub is dissolved, its property and asset shall be distributed to a nonprofit organization consistent with CFA policy. But, no club property or assets shall be distributed to any club member or private individual.

This Constitution and/or its by-law’s may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the club’s membership. Proposed amendment and a ballot shall be sent to each member at least 15 days before a vote may be taken. Ballots returned within 30 days after voting will be counted. Approved amendments will be effective 30 days after the membership i5 informed of the results of the voting.



1.1 Eligibility. Persons of good character are eligible for membership in this dub.

1.2 Application. Upon written, sponsored application to the Secretary, approval by the Executive Board, and payment of the first year’s dues, an applicant shall become a member.

1.3 Founding members. Founding members are those identified in the club's application for CFA affiliation. They can vote and hold office.

1.4 Regular Members. Regular members can vote and hold office. Candidates must have been breeders, or owner exhibitors, of European Burmese that meet CFA's Registration Rules. Applicants must be sponsored by two voting members, and must:

a    Have bred and registered a XX litter in the preceding year, OR
b. Have exhibited, as the owner/co owner, at least one XX   in a  CFA show in the preceding year, OR
c. Have bred and registered in CFA at least three XX  litters, OR
d. Have exhibited, as the owner/co-owner,   at least one XX  in at least 10 CFA shows.

1.5 Associate Members. Associate members are not eligible for ??/regular membership. They cannot vote or hold office. Applicants must be sponsored by one voting member.

1.6 Honorary Members. Honorary membership may be granted by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum of the club's membership. Honorary Members cannot vote or hold office.

1.7 Resignation. A member may resign in writing to the Secretary. No dues will be refunded.


II.1 Club Dues. Annual club dues are $12.00 per Associate Member (receives newsletter); $20.00 per Founding/Regular Member [one vote] (receives Newsletter); $25.00 for family Founding/Regular members [two votes] (two or more members residing at the same address; receive one Newsletter. Also, Founding and Regular members (individual or family) dues are an additional $10 for the first year. Honorary members receive the Newsletter, but pay no dues. Individual life membership is $200.00. International Members ($35.00 per year) are Associate Members. The Treasurer will notify members, in advance, of the due date for annual dues. Members who do not pay their dues within  one month of the due data will be re-notified Members who do not pay their dues within 30 days of re-notification will be  disenrolled. Disenrolled members who desire to resume their affiliation will be treated as new applicants.


III.1      General Meetings may be held in person or electronically. Except as specified otherwise, a majority vote of a quorum of the club’s members, which must include two or more officers, is required to transact business.

III.2  Regular Meetings. Regular meetings normally will be held quarterly unless the membership votes to change a regular meeting.

III.3   Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President at any time, who must also call a special meeting upon written 3 application by at bast three club members.

III.4   Emergency Meetings. Emergency I meetings of the Executive Board handle business that must be b - ~d immediately. In such CASE’s, five members of the Executive Board constitute a quorum. Emergency Meetings may be called by the President or at the request of two members of the Executive Board. Business at Emergency Meetings shall be limited to the business that must be immediately transacted.

III.5    Order of Business Unless changed by a majority vote of the attending members, the order of business at regular/special meetings will be:
1.Approval of the minutes.
2.Secretary's Report (includes correspondence).
3.Report of the Treasurer.
4.Report of the Delegates (if applicable).
5 Report of the Committees (if applicable). ~
6. Old Business.
7. New Business.
8. Adjournment.

III.8    Meeting Conduct Where not specified in the club's rules, meetings will be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.


IV.1 President   The President is the chief executive Officer, presides over meetings, ~ appoints committees as needed, and serves as an ex officio member of all committees.

IV.2 Vice-President The Vice President performs the President's duties when the President is unavailable.

IV.3 Secretary. The Secretary's duties are:
-Recording and corresponding officer.
-Contact person for CFA.
-Providing  club meeting minuteS.
-Promulgating prior meeting minutes at least 14 days before scheduled meetings.
-Notifying  candidates elected to office.
-Maintaining the list of members' names and addresses.
-Mailing meeting notices to members at least two weeks in advance.
-Custodian of the Constitution and by-laws, and submitting club approved amendments thereto to CFA, and keeping record copies of changes.
-Communicating the results of each election to the Secretary of CFA at least 30 days before the next annual or special meeting of the Association.

IV.4 Treasurer. The Treasurer shall:
-Have custody of all club monies.
 -Keep auditable records of all receipts and expenditures, which shall be open to review at any time by the Executive Board or their designated representative(s).
 -Open a bank account (or accounts) in the name of the dub and disburse funds only according to the direction of the dub or Executive Board.
 -Sign checks from the club's account(s).
-Report activities relating to the club's finances at each regular meeting.
-At the annual club meeting, present an annual report of the club's finances.
-Notify/re-notify members of the due date or dues, and of associated disenrollment.

IV.5   Directors The directors of the dub shall serve as members of the Executive Board, and have all the rights and privileges of members of that board as detailed in these by-laws.


V.1 Enforcement

 It is the duty of the Executive Board to enforce the clubs Constitution and By" L~. The Executive Board may reprimand, suspend the voting or other privileges of, or suspend or expel from membership anyone who, after a fair hearing, is found guilty of conduct detrimental or harmful to this club or the cat fancy, or to the welfare of cats. (Violation of a club rule and/or a fraudulent act is detrimental to the club and the cat fancy.)

V.2 Procedure.
Any person, whether a member of this dub or not, may bring  charges against a member. All charges must be submitted to the club President in writing, and must be signed by the accuser. Frivolous or clearly unsubstantiated charges may be dismissed by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Otherwise, a hearing shall be scheduled, and a copy of the charges shall be provided to each, accused at least 30 days before the hearing date. An accused member may have counsel, and may call witnes6es in his/her own defense. The Executive Board may conduct a hearing itself or appoint a committee to do so. A two-thirds majority of the Executive Board or Hearing Committee is required to affirm the charges. The decision of the Executive Board or committee is binding on all parties.


Vl.1 These by-laws may be amended as provided for in the Constitution