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WAS- Worldwide Asian Society
WABS- Worldwide Asian/Burmilla Society
WACGS- Worldwide Asian Cat Group Society
WAGS- Worldwide Asian Group Society
Asians and Burmillas Society.
Association rather than Society
not terribly fond of the word "Burmilla"
Burmilla conjunction of Burmese and Chinchilla  good discriptor, widely recognized by public
cannot use the term "Asian" in Canada.
WABS -Worldwide Asian/Burmilla Society
GABS - Global Asian/Burmilla Society
ABIS - Asian/Burmilla International Society
NAABS - North American Asian/Burmilla Society
Not worldwide
PAWS -  People for Asians Worldwide Society
SAW - Society for Asians Workwide
ISA - International Society for Asians
LAWS - Legacy of Asians Worlwide
USA - Univeral Society for Asians
NASA - North American Society for Asians
ASNA - Asian Society of North America

suggestion search the web Asians and Burmilla see what you get

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