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If the reader were to 'Google'  - - "Asian Burmilla" they will get a enormous number of hits. These are some.

 Burmese and Burmilla Pedigree data base. This database is maintained byJ& G Versluis of Roemah Koetjing cattery in The Netherlands.  There is nothing like it.  You can use their database to print your 3 generation pedigrees if you wish, and they have a means of updating and correcting the database available to the reader.

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)
CFA Official Online Entry Form: CLUB NAME - Response-O-Matic Form
NSW CFA Journal
The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. Herman OnLine

Canadian Cat Association
Cat Control Coucil of Australia
New Zealand Cat Fancy
Welcome to the UK Cat Fancy GCCF

Clubs worldwide
European Burmese Cat Club
Club president W Trevithan
Worldwide European Burmese Society Ann Louise Devoe  President
ACA This site belongs to breeders of Asians, and Burmese in the UK
The Asian Group Cat Society in the UK
The Bombay and Asian Self Breed Club In the UK a sub. of the group above
The Burmilla Cat ClubHistory, genetics, shows, results, photographs and breeders. UK

Catteries Significant
Chatterie d'Ouranos Burmèse, Burmilla
Swiss cattery
Moravanka - Home of Burmese and Bombays Denmark
Vervain Cats ~ breeders of pedigree cats, Asians, Burmese, Ocicats and LaPerms in the UK.
Raeburas is a Small breeder of Burmese, Asian and Singapura cats located Bedfordshire,  UK
Beannocht Burmese & Asians Burmese & Asians. UK
The Cranreuch Silver Burmese breeding Program In N Z

Health issues
Dr. Susan Little's Website for cat Breeders and fanciers. Dr Little consults for CFA
Cat Ringworm Dog Ringworm pets ring worm feline cate ring worm canine dogs
Thomas Veterinary Drug - Your Online Pharmacy :: Generic ZITHROMAX
Yahoo! Groups : FIP4Breeders
Cornell Feline Health Center--Cat Owner Resources
Lyons'Den Homepage  Feline  Genome Project  -Cranial-facial Abnormality  UCLA Davis
Columbia Animal Hospital Library

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