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Aug 2@14:10
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The Team –   -  Shannon Milliar, Brenden Cregg , & Nicole Mastrangelo ....

Please note:  These plans are subject to change, often due to circumstances beyond our control. Please be flexible and stay in contact.
Some basic info : (Thanks Ted)
Start time is  9am.  Pick up points are Catchacoma Marina for that lake, and the Moss cottage on Gold lake (see Gold lake map) of other large lakes on the chain. Other lake, the site is noted on that lakes map.

We are scheduling two boats and drivers  for each weekday for the duration. The student evaluators need to have time on the water to record information for each property on the lake. They also require time for data entry. Depending on the mix of weather we experience they may be able to use rain periods, full or half days, for the data entry. So the boats may not be needed all day on some dates but the details will be up to the student evaluators to determine as they progress around the lake. Therefore we are asking that you make you service available for the full day but understand that in some cases less time may be required. We have been told that the Evaluators will have with them a laptop, a camera, a GPS, an inverter, a clipboard, datasheets, and a backpack with water, lunch, snacks, phone, etc. They need to go back to a cottage or the Marina at noon to recharge their laptops if there is no ability to charge them on the boat. We assume the drivers will be going back to their cottages for lunch.

Under the terms of the Love Your Lake Program all volunteers either providing accommodation or driving boats are required to read the LYL Privacy Policy (attached) and to sign a Confidentiality Agreement (attached). For those providing and driving boats you are required to complete and sign the Boat Driver Agreement which confirms that your boat is licensed and insured and that you have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card (Boat Driver Agreement attached).  Also attached for your consideration a document “Driver Tips and Recommendations” provided by the program organizers.

Please sign and return the Confidentiality and Boat driver Agreements to your lake co-ordinator by email.

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Yesterday the team completed Galloway, Greens and Picard Lakes which took us into the early evening. The data entry for those lakes is still to be done. Those are the last three lakes in our project plan and has allowed us to finish a little over a week early when compared with our original project plan.
The Board of Directors of the CCRAI stepped up in a big way to work through the schedule with boats and drivers and around good and bad weather to enable the team to complete the shoreline evaluations on the 11 lakes. Shannon, Brendan and Nicole were stellar in their ability to work through the evaluations efficiently and as one big team I think the results of our work efforts were absolutely fantastic.
Thanks John and Rita for your guidance, thanks to our Board for their dedication to the project and a huge thanks to Shannon, Brendan and Nicole for all their hard work. 
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thanks to all

contact info

Gary W. Jarosz-<> -416-543-8839 - Mobile  Gary is pres. of ccrai.
Les Clarke - <>-705 447 3143 Les is this LYL program co-ordinator - the buck stops here.
Lake leads
Catchacoma - Ted Spence:  (416) 999-8029 <> :  Ivan Battye 705 757 2475 <> edits this document upon direction of above..;-))
Mississagua - Kevin  <>: Kaarina <
and the river- Bob Taylor Vaisey - - <>
Beaver Cavendish McGinnis  - Carol Giles  <>
Picard-- Carol Armstrong -  <> (416) 579-2586 cell
Greens Lake  -  Mary & Lance Coulthard - <>705-657-1865 as per June 24, 2017 at 12:23:56 PM

Turner-905 467 3806 c 905 825 9359 h - <>
Lavery-705 868 0234  - <>
Brown-705 657 1750 c 905 668 7278 h - <>
Spence- 416 999 8029 m 705 657 1384 c  as above
Hobbs - 819 682 1200 m  <>
Curtis - 705 760 3274 - <>
Mistlebacher - 905 737 8757   - <>
Reynolds - 705 657 9234 h 416 616 4828 m  <>
Lyttle - 905 473 3573 h 416 505 0069 m - - <>
Dave Howard - 705 657 8942  Aug 2.3.4 tentative
Byron Meier  - 905 387 0205 cell 289 260 1606, (705) 657-9291 <>
Bruce Hewitt
Brian Ehmke
Rob Halko