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Note this page is large..-and some of the maps take time to load the first time. 
Link to the google map of the area or click on the map for a closer look.

The  second table below of maps of individual lakes is a wide (wide) view.

lyllake study2017 overall plan



catchacoma lake day1
Catchacoma lake

start day 1 for the Blue team   at the Marina?

the lot map to the right is for the narrows as well and is linked to a larger version.
Catchacoma lake and narrows- click on map to enlarge and each furtherclick will further enlarge the map.

CL Lot map
catchacoma narrows
Catchacoma Narrows with entrances to Mississagua bottom left and Gold bottom center right

see above
mississauga lake
Mississagua Lake..  top right is Catchacoma narrows , and entrance to Gold (center right), bottom center is the dam and the river.
Mississagua lot map - click on map to enlarge

ml map lots
mississauga r
The River  south of the Dam

Rapids start just above fire route 130 9aka Lou Philips Foad and is done by boat

further south is by walking ..  to the Stupavsky road  ? unmarked

Missauga dam
Mississague River - click on map to enlarge
mississaugariver lot map
cold and gold
Cold and Gold Gold in the center, Cold to the south

Cavendish and Beaver to the north ...connected
Mississagua to the west

greens team starts here.

Billet see  Lot  Walker Renwicke #141

Beaver Lake Rd. to Ratty's Narrows Road, to Fir Trail
82 Fire Route 224, Trent Lakes,K0L 1J0

Moss cottage   from the lake I believe it is the third dock from the right in the photo...
moss cottage

The lake view -- click on image for a larger image.
moss cottage lakeview
Gold lake lot map- click on map to enlarge

gpld lake lot map

Cold- click on map to enlarge
cold lake lot map
cavendish Beaver Mcginnis
Cavendish, Beaver , and McGinnis.
McGinnis is left center and connects to Catchacoma
the Beaver lake road crosses south of Cavendish at what is called "the Second Bridge

The image on the right shows the lots  is linked to the original and is larger.

Beaver on top
Cavendish below slightly rotated

McGinnis lot map- click on map to enlarge

mcginnis lake lot map
Beaver - click on map to enlarge

Cavendish- click on map to enlarge
cavendish lots
Picard, Greens, Galloway, Pencil

Pencil lot map - click on map to enlarge
pencil lot map

Galloway - click on map to enlarge

galloway lot map
Greens - click on map to enlarge
greens lot map
Picard lot map - click on map to enlarge

picard lot map
Map to Greens Lake  meet -up  - -click on the photo to go to the google map
north greens lake road

131 Fire Route 298 (North Greens Lake Road)
We are the very last cottage on the road (it is only about a 1/2 a kilometre down)
The phone number is - 705-657-1865
 "Mary & Lance At the cottage" <>

Meet-up  Picard L click on photo to link to the google map
400 Baker Drive
400 baker drive picrd l

400 Baker Drive