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July 13, 2017 4:55 PM      The river is done.  report as off.. Thursday,  ... way to go Bob.  the "unofficial report"

Hi, all

Well, we finished the assessment. Thanks to Sheila and Bruce for use of their boat and for Marie guiding us to the properties south the Clarks.

It took seven hours of which about 5 1/2 were in the rowboat.  It was a nice way to traverse the river and environmentally really friendly.  We did 44 properties yesterday afternoon and the remaining 19 this morning.

And, we missed rain.  It came down after we got back yesterday and then poured like crazy.

For me, this was another reminder of how beautiful the river is, and south of the rapids is really wonderful.

Thanks to Ken and Ruth Ann for your on site vocal support, and Anthony for being the backup we ended up not needing.

It will take some time ... months .. for the reports since they are doing 1300 in our lakes and the river alone.


final reports in
Shannon hard at work
hard at work

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