LYL 5 the Team

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Shannon Millar – Team Lead Shoreline Evaluator
I am retuning for a second year to work for C.H.A. as a shoreline evaluator.  I finished my degree in Environmental Science this past year at Trent University. I am continuing my education at Niagara College next year studying Ecosystem Restoration.
I have no food allergies or preferences and I will eat anything.

Nicole Mastrangelo – Shoreline Evaluator
I am headed into my fourth year at Trent University studying through the Environmental Science/Studies honours program. I love to explore many environments and ecosystems, and when I'm not doing this I have a guitar in my hand. I truly believe a single person can influence positive change in the world, so I keep this in mind with everything I do.
For food, I just try to stay away from wheat, I'm not allergic, but more of a small intolerance. I can eat it though, just in small amounts!

Brendan Cregg – Shoreline Evaluator
Hello, my name is Brendan Cregg and I am one of the shoreline evaluators on the green team. I am about to enter my fourth and final year at Trent University this fall. My program is called Ecological Restoration, which is an environmental study focusing on the recovery of natural ecosystems. I also love the outdoors and am excited to work on the water this summer!
I'm a vegan so I don't eat any meat or dairy.