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Meerani and Shyboy, a very senior Traditional Burmese, produce Zeus, and Demeter

Then with Apollo, her nephew

she produces Cat-tan- Kid and Dreamcatcher who becomes a grand champion

While both are very healthy cats they do not reproduce well and we closed of the line with 1 offspring from Cat-Tan-Kid aka "Wooly" with a breeding to a Kalmer Burmese.

Meerani next goes to Daedalous an F2 Burmilla
above are photos of daes at 6 months and 3 years

and delivers Lucina
this is Meerani's last breeding

to summarize she has produced the following that are kept in the program :-  Zeuse, Demeter, Cat Tan Kidd, Dreamcatcher, and Lucina
The second generation follow.

Zeus her son is paired with Purr-sephonie,  his aunt and produces

the very dazzling Prints of Wails who charms everybody. but is a crypt orchid, oops!
Next round they produce 2 males, both fine. We keep Nelson, below. The next breeding they produce a mon orchid so that is the end of their breeding.


Demeter  her first daughter and Hercules parent BB, and Not So Shy Boy.


Demeter then produces with Not So Shy Boy above an oops breeding to give Electra. Perhaps you understand his name better!!

Cat Tan Kidd  and Kalmer Blaze of Glory
Kalmer Fluffernutter

 Lucina has not yet been bred.

this concludes the second generation. The third generation follows.

BB is the first to produce and goes with Didalous

to produce Isis  and  Odysseus aka O Boy
In her  next breeding  she goes with Artimus

and produces Esmerelda

she is then retired

Nelson is the next in line to breed and  with Blue Skies a Blue Foreign Burmese in her last breeding

produces Rumena

he is then bred to Isis  and produces two large litters of very popular kittens,

we keep

Nightingale, one goes west to another cattery --- and from their second effort we keep---.

to be continued