The Burmillas
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For those of you who are interested a 'Self' cat  colour is a solid colour with no Agouti (colour banding on the hair shaft ). That banding can be in Silver or the recessive Golden as in the classic tabby. Sometimes a cat can have the silvering without the Agouti gene and is a smoke. Presumably this can happen with the golden as well, although we haven't identified it.
A Self cat can be "Full Expression" or "Burmese restriction". "Burmese restriction" is a "Pointing" gene that that renders the normally black hair colour manufacture, temperature sensitive, so that brown is produced and is evidenced by the darker brown colour on the ears and tail. The Siamese restriction of this pointing gene has a stronger effect so that the body colour is almost cream.
A Full Expression self cat is a Black cat (see below) or its recessive dilute (Maltesed gene) form giving a very deep Blue sometimes called Indigo. Full Expression in a self cat is identified by back stroking the fur and seeing no change or lessening in the colour along the hair shaft as it gets closer to the body of the cat.
Of course if a cat is "Full Expression", and not self, but silvered or smoked it then gets tough to correctly call the pattern as the hair is silvered near the body and the back stroking test is not valid. Smoking and Burmese restriction can be very hard to differentiate.


Horizons Krishna

Black Silver shaded (he is really tipped we think) male Burmilla born Dec 14 "09 to
Olympia (  a Black shaded female F2 Burmilla) X Findus

Horizons Brighid 
Platinum Shaded Silver Burmilla female
born Aug 24 2010 to
Arctic Mist...(Lilac smoke LH Burmilla) X  Hector (Black shaded silver Burmilla )
photo Oct 2010 and winter 2013