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Remember --- the Burmilla is really a Burmese in a Fancy Coat! 

Some are called  "The Silver Burmese", the "Long Hair Burmese", or the "Black Burmese" as the case may be.
Technically it is a Burmese cat that one time in its ancestry was bred to a Chinchilla Persian cat.

 Sales Discussions 

Our Kittens are released to their new owners at between 16 and 24 weeks of age with a full set of shots and the health guarantee.

Generally we try to retire our adult breeding cats and place them in selected homes of their own within 2 to 4 years. The Burmilla program sometimes has cats that are bred only once. These adult cats are spayed/neutered and placed very carefully in homes which we think, in consultation with the prospective new owners, will suit their individual personalities. We normally use a sliding scale pricing policy descending from the kitten price to the cost of neutering and based on the cats age from 2 years of age to 4. The new owners must undertake to return the cats to us if any "settling in" problems arise.

We contract with perspective owners of all kittens and older cats, to:  1. Not declaw the cat.  2. Not permit the cat to go outdoors except in protected circumstances. 3. Keep updated annual vaccinations without the Feline Leukemia shot.  4. Contact us if the cat experiences any problems.  5.  Give us first right of refusal  if extenuating circumstances arise and the owner is not able to keep the cat.
Our Health guarantee is 1 year and refers to any congenital problems.  Breech of any of the above conditions may void this guarantee.  Please note that in some cases, we may take legal action against an offending owner or associated Veterinarian with regard to item 1.

We use SH to mean a "Short Haired" Burmilla....and.... LH to mean a "Long Haired" Burmilla (i.e.. a Tiffanie)

Sometimes the Sex, Colour and/or Patterns of the kittens are not clearly obvious at Birth ... so please bear with us as we may change the descriptions of the kittens from time to time!!!

Sometimes individuals become disappointed when a particular cat/kitten becomes "no longer available" during their inquiry. We often discuss a kitten or cat with several people at the same time. During such discussions, a kitten is not considered "sold" until someone makes a commitment and we receive a deposit.

For would be Breeders: The three generation process wherein the Burmilla /Asian line is developed through the F, 1-4 generations is available on this site. It is extensive and requires access to Burmese matings. Due to the large variety of patterns we can not pursue all avenues and must concentrate on a selected f ew.

Horizons Ch Dreadnought
A Red European Burmese male  born 5 Aug. 08 to
Honeysuckle Cream European Burmese female X Roy Brown   (Brown (sable) European Burmese)

neutered   this photo is somewhat out of date ....Dreadnought is very playful


Horizons Sierra
Blue Tortie European Burmese female  born Feb 12 2011 to
Rainbow   (Platinum tortie E Burmese) X Fokker(Sable  European Burmese)

due for spaying Dec.1 2015


1 European Burmese female born  Jan 4 2012   to
Stiletto.Red European Burmese X Dreadnought  (Red   European Burmese male)

1 Red  male, European Burmese kittens born July 2 2015 from  Sierra and Legacy
This is a boy who can handle all things.

We are changing our nomenclature. Those Burmese cats that either have a European pedigree or meet the standard of European as defined by CFA (8 generations without a Traditional [North American] cat in the line) will be called such. The Foreign cats will be classified with an F number i.e.. an F1 would have a Traditional parent, an F2 a Traditional grandparent.
The Burmillas require 4 generations to be a full Burmilla. If  no comment is made  then they are "full". An F3 Burmilla must go to a Burmese to progress.

Dame and sire
possible outcomes
none at this time Brighid and Krishna are planned for the spring

PLANNED UPCOMING (the next year planned) or (the queens in rotation)

* = retirement
Horizons  Queens
Lysandra Sable tortie Burmese  born April 29 2011 to Caravelle (sable tortie female  European Burmese)  X  Fokker (Sable  European Burmese)
Brighid Platinum Shaded Silver Burmilla  born Aug 24 2010 to Arctic Mist...(Lilac smoke LH Burmilla) X Hector (Black shaded silver Burmilla )
..Red European Burmese born July 2 2015 from  Sierra( Blue Tortie European Burmese female)  and Legacy (Red European Burmese Male)

Males at stud
Krishna (Black Silver shaded  Burmilla) born Dec 14 "09 from  Olympia (  a Black shaded female F2 Burmilla) X Findus
Legacy Red European Burmese Male born  Jan 4 2012   to Stiletto.Red European Burmese X Dreadnought  (Red   European Burmese male)

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