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These cats are presented generally in the order in which they were retired.
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Sam The Man,  Baily DelightArctic Bear,  Little Nat,  WhittingtonLord ThorwaldQuinton
Shy BoyMercury,  PaganPrince,  Orion,  Red Baron,  Sweet Molly,  Renaissance,  Ulysses ,  Isis,  Lickety Split,  Our Man Beau,   Carti Mandua,  Caliope,  DemeterVenus,, Andromeda,  T-I-Double-Guh-ER,  Cat-Tan-Kid
CH Strathkirk Sam The Man 

(Sam), a Cream male, was the first Foreign Burmese to obtain championship status in Canada. He had a very short career as a stud as his adorable personality made it seem too cruel to deny him a life as a pet. He was therefore retired at the early age of 2 years to a loving home. 

baily Dalraida Baily Delight

(Baily), a Cream European Burmese female, was born 10 June 1987. She has the awsome position of being the founding Queen of Strathkirk Cattery! She comes from two imported cats from Britain ---her father, Trasuki Star Burst and her mother, Genenna Deux Creme.

bear   INT CH Ala-Poe's Arctic Bear of Strathkirk of Risu and Stonetown \ 

(The Bear), a Platinum male Traditional Burmese, passed away on October 1, 1999. This is an earlier picture of the 18 year old boy who, at the end, being toothless, had asked that recent photos not be used. He remained healthy, neutered, and non spraying while free roaming in the cattery and leading the kittens in daily play. Arctic Bear spent his last few years retired at Strathkirk Cattery. He can be found in the pedigrees of most North American Burmese, especially the dilutes. A most loving boy, Bear's last kitten was Juno who has also put Bear's heritage into our Burmilla program. 

We'll miss you Arctic Bear!

lil nat Stonetown Little Nat

One of Marjorie Gleason's cats, Little Nat came to Strathkirk Cattery to retire when Marjorie became ill and passed away. She arrived with a litter of kittens and is now enjoying her retirement! A beautiful Sable Traditional Burmese, (Nat) was born 13 May 1988. She is the daughter of INT CH Ala-Poe's Arctic Bear (above) and Stonetown's Nicole.

witts 2006
Strathkirk's Whittington of Horizons 

Whittington was the first Horizons' cat. Born Jan. '93 this is a neutered Platinum Traditional Burmese. His mother is Charlotte, a Traditional Champagne, who is petted out. His father is Just Bill, a Traditional Champagne, who is now retired and petted out. Whittington's favourite pastime, other than acting as a "Teaser Tom" in the Cattery, is going on Summer weekend excursions to our cottage. He is a constant supply of local wildlife. Whittington likes the water and will not permit us to go for canoe rides unless he can be the bow lookout! 

thor GD CH Tse Mau Lord Thorwald of Elea 

(Thor) passed away peacefully in the Summer, of 2000 at the age of 17. He was the last of the original Canadian breeding males. The son of Blue prints and Sugar Plum Furry both of Tse Mau, Thor retired, in good health, at Strathkirk cattery. He counted as his contemporaries and greatest pals --- Arctic Bear above and Shy Boy below. 

Thor leaves behind a legacy of loving cats with compact and muscular body types. We refer you to Beau(son), Baron(grandson), Spirit of St. (Lou)is(great grandson).

quints 2006
Strathkirk Quinton of Horizons 

Born Feb. '93 Quinton is a neutered male, registered as a Sable Foreign Burmese by The Canadian Cat Association . He is "King" of Horizon's Cattery. His mother is Pandora , a Sable Tortie, from England. His father is Just Bill, a Traditional Champagne/Chocolate*, who is now retired and petted out. Quinton often makes appearances at Pet Expos and dazzles his admiring public with his magnificent velvety plush coat; in fact, he is often suspected of rubbing oil on himself prior to a show!
Bottom photo Quints at the cottage 2006 13+ years

shyboy INT CH Stonetowns's Shy Boy of Strathkirk 

This international champion, dark Champagne Traditional Burmese male recently passed away at 15 years of age (1998), having been in reduced health for a year. He has a long well proven history and has always produced large healthy kittens.He has been used both in the Foreign Burmese program and has recently sired the first litter born to a Burmilla (Tiffanie) female. Both Zeus and Demetre are his kittens. His kittens and pedigree are available on the following pages. Those interested in pedigrees and familiar with the early history published by the Burmese Cat Club in the United Kingdom will note the similarity of Pedigree 7 referring to Sul-Lee Hush Puppy of Wai-Ling,Quad Ch., one of the founding cats in England, and Shy Boy's Great Great Grandparent Sui-Lee Spit Shine of Wai Ling,Int Gd Ch. 

The much-loved cat of Mrs Marjorie Gleason, (one of Canada's first Burmese breeders), Shyboy spent his remaining years at Strathkirk. Predeceased by Marjorie, he can be found in the pedigree of almost every Burmese cat. 

Rest in Peace and Love, Shyboy --- we will never forget you!

CH Moonspinner's Mercury of Strathkirk 

(Merc) is a ---Tiffanie --- This cat is a long haired version of the Asian Burmilla. pedigree He is a SableShaded Silver male cat, imported from England in December 1995, and is very definitely the "founding Father" of our Burmilla breeding program. Born 10 Aug 1995, Merc is able to escape from any type of secured confinement, resulting in almost every female in Strathkirk's Cattery producing a Burmilla litter tin his first year!. He has an extremely extroverted personality and lives to be admired. His father is Tierra Delfuego, a Brown Shaded Silver Tiffanie and his mother is Greaterthan Garbo, a Brown Smoke Tiffanie. Merc is now a neutered gentleman of leisure. He is seen here at a pet expo in October of 2000 were he was a great favourite.

The bottom photo taken Oct 21 o1 at fall pet expo. Check out those headlights.

GD CH Kupro PaganPrince of Strathkirk 

(Pagan) is a Red male European Burmese imported from England. He was the first Foreign Burmese to achieve Grand Champion status. PaganPrince was bred by Mrs. Joyce Dell who was one of the original breeders in England who developed the red and cream line of Burmese. He has been neutered. 
Pagan is the recipient of the Canadian Cat Association 1995 National Best of Breed Award.


orion Horizons Orion
(Orion) is a Red Tipped Silver male Burmilla born 3 Jun. 1997. A littermate of Venus , His mother is CH (Angel), a Cream Foreign Burmese and his father is Christian our Chinchilla Persian..Orion was kept to do two breedings and has retired to live near Peterborough at the age of 1 year. He now goes by the name "Ambrose"! As he is an F1, his offspring will be F2 Burmillas. We will develop 4 generations in this line. His daughter is Aurora and his son, from another litter, is Daedalous.

He is agouti.
baron CH Horizons Red Baron

(Baron) is a Red male Foreign F1 Burmese born 3 Feb. 1997. A littermate of Mimosa Morning (Mims), His mother is Ch.Blue Skies, a Blue Cream Foreign Burmese and his father is Ch. (Beau)Our Man Beaua Champagne Traditional Burmese. Baron sired one litter and was retired and sold as a pet. His son is  Spirit of St. (Lou)is.

molly CH Stonetown Sweet Molly of Strathkirk 

(Molly) is a Champagne Traditional Burmese female born 15 July 1993. She is the daughter of INT CH Shy Boy , a Champagne Traditional Burmese, and CH Molly Bee Sweet, a Sable Traditional Burmese. Molly retired in December 1998 and has gone to her new home with Ulysses .

saussi CH Stonetown Renaissance of Horizons 

(Sauci) was a Sable female born 24 Feb 1996. She was the daughter of CH Lickety Split , a Sable Traditional Burmese and Taurus, a Sable Traditional Burmese. Sauci died suddenly in August 1998, following the birth of her 2nd litter. She had developed a serious Cardio Myopathy which we believe was related to a virus infection. We miss your greeting at the door and the daily "shoulder" rides, Sauci. Buried on a hill overlooking the Lake, Sauci now rests at one of her favoutie sites -- our cottage. 


ulyses CH Strathkirk Ulysses 

(Ulysses), is a Sable Shaded Silver Burmilla male born 22 July 1996. He is the son of CH Caliope Jane , a Sable Tortie Foreign Burmese and CH Mercury , our Sable Shaded Silver Tiffanie. Caliope Jane is a product of Stonetown INT CH Shy Boy,a Traditional Burmese and Tajen CH Pandora, an English Foreign Burmese. Both cats' pedigrees are posted. Uylsses is from our first Burmilla litter and was kept for stud duties. He is now Neutered and living withSweet Molly in in his very own home! Ulysses ia spectacular looking boy. 

click on the picture to see him at 4 months

isis Strathkirk Isis of Horizons 

(Sugar) is an expressive and petite shorthaired Sable Shaded Silver  (F+)Burmilla female born 25 July 1996. She is the daughter of INT CH Cinderella a Sable Traditional Burmese and CH Mercury, our Sable Shaded Silver Tiffanie. Isis has now been spayed and is living in Brooklin, Ontario with "Red Buddy" --- a Red kitten from Angeland Ollie .

lily CH Stonetown's Lickety Split of Horizons 

(Lily), is a Sable female born 13 Jan. 1994. She is the daughter of CH Satin Lace, a Sable Traditional Burmese and CH Toujour Road Gang of Tru-Lu, a Sable Traditional Burmese. Lily is registered both with The Canadian Cat Association and The Cat Fanciers Association. Lily has had several litters of kittens, including, Renaissance*. She came to us with the passing of Mrs. Marjorie Gleason, one of the first Burmese breeders in Canada. Marjorie bred from some of the oldest known lines and had many champions. She operated latterly as Stonetown and prior to that as Mrs.Gee Cattery. Lily is one smart cat! She is spayed and has retired to a farm in Perth Ont.

beau CH Cutsey Our Man Beau of Horizons 

(Beau) is a Champagne male born 8 Jan 1996. He is the son of GD CH Lord Thorowald , a Blue Traditional Burmese and CH Pudding, a Sable Traditional Burmese. Beau carries the Berrington Gene and was quite golden in colour while being shown as a kitten. While not desirable to some, this gene is of interest to us. His first breeding has produced Blue cats so he carries the dilute recessive gene as well. Beau is now neutered and has a home of his own.

carti CH Strathkirk Carti Mandua

(Carti) is a Cream female Foreign F2 Burmese born 24 Jan 1994. She is the daughter of Ch. Honey Bear, a Cream Foreign F1 Burmese and Ch. Peaches and Cream, a Cream Foreign F2 Burmese, who are both retired. Carti lives in the retired cat room at Strathkirk cattery.

caliope Strathkirk Caliope Jane
Caliope (age 5 yrs.),
is an extremely loving and easy cat to be around, Caliope would like to live with another cat. She is affectionate and a very striking example of a Burmese Tortie. Her fur is like silk and she does like you to stroke it! Caliope is a large, healthy, easy going Sable Tortie female Foreign F1 Burmese born 17 Apr 1994. She is the daughter of CH Pandora , a Sable Tortie Foreign / European Burmese and INT CH Shyboy a Champagne Traditional Burmese. The pedigree of both parents is availabe . Caliope has the Cattery record of producing 10 kittens in one litter! She is also the mother of the first Burmilla kittens born in North America. She is spayed and has her own home.

CH Horizons Demeter of Strathkirk 

(Dems), is a SableSmoke female born 11 Dec. 1996. She is the daughter of CH Meerani, our Sable Smoke Tiffanie, and INT CH Shyboy, a Champagne Traditional Burmese. Both cats' pedigree are posted. Dems is a sweet and engaging girl who was the largest of her litter. Having had her 1st litter of Bumillas, Dems allows them to play with the Strathkirk household Bulldog! She now has a home of her own.

venus Horizons Venus

(Vens) is a Black Tipped Silver Tortie female F1 Burmilla born 24 June 1997. She is the daughter of CH (Angel), a Cream Foreign Burmese and Christian , our Chinchilla Persian. Both Venus and Adromeda below now have a home together in Ottawa.

Horizons Andromeda

(Dromers) is a Black Tipped Silver female F1 Burmilla born 25 August 1997. She is the daughter of CH Renaissance, a Sable Traditional Burmese and Christian , our Chinchilla Persian.

T-I-Double-Guh-ER Gd Ch Kalmer T-I-Double-Guh-ER is a neutered male son of Orion, above and Kalmer Tala, a sable Traditional Burmese. He was very successful in the alter class. 
wolly CH Horizons Cat-Tan-Kid at 1 year. 
(Wooly) is a Champagne Self male long haired Burmilla born 29 October 1997. He is the son of CH Meerani , a Sable Smoke (above) and Apollo , a Red Tipped Silver short haired Burmilla. He is certainly double-furred and verrry soft. Wooly is the most affectionate of cats and is now a careful boy after climbing into an old furnace motor when he was 12 weeks old! Wooly is a very large cat who weighs in at about 18 pounds. 

The picture if pressed on will give a view of him at 4 months, and demonstrates the characteristic darkening with age of the champagne coat colour. 
Wooly is neutered and has a home of his own, in Australia

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