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These cats are presented generally in the order in which they were retired.
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herk CH Strathkirk Hercules 

(Herc) is a shorthaired Champagne Ticked Tabby Burmilla male born 4 Nov 1996. His mother is CH Ginnette , a Platinum Traditional Burmese and CH Mercury , our Sable Shaded Silver Tiffanie. Herc is a laid back kind of guy who takes everything in his stride! He now has a home of his own.

zeus CH Horizons Zeus

(Zeus), is a Champagne Smoke male born 11 Dec. 1996. He is the son of CH Meerani , our Sable Smoke Tiffanie, and INT CH Shy Boy , a Champagne Traditional Burmese. Both cats' Pedigreeare posted. Zeus is Horizons' first Burmilla stud. A talkative boy, Zeus likes to be the first to "own" a lap for resting upon!

blue skies 05
CH Strathkirk Blue Skies of Horizons 

(Blue) is a Blue Cream female Foreign F1 Burmese born 3 Sept. 1995. She is the daughter of CH Honey Bear, a Cream Foreign Burmese and INT CH Cinderella, a Sable Traditional Burmese, --- now both retired. Blue would rather drink from your glass than her own bowl! She is known to the judges for her golden eyes, something unusual in a dilute (blue/platinum) cat. Blue is now a cattery cat. 


photo '98 and '05


CH Moonspinner's Meerani of Horizons 

with her son CH Cat-Tan-Kid

(Rans) is a ---Tiffanie --- This cat is a long haired version of the Asian Burmilla and sister to CH Mercury . Meerani is a Sable Smoke female cat. Born 10 Aug 1995, her fur is long but needs very little grooming. She is considerably smaller than her brother and less extroverted. She exibits the ruff of fur about the neck that is characteristic of the breed. She was bred in, and imported from, England and her Pedigreeis available. Her father is Tierra Delfuego, a Brown Shaded Silver Tiffanie and her mother is Greaterthan Garbo, a Brown Smoke Tiffanie. 
bottom photo Aug 01

GD CH Horizons Dream Catcher 

(Dreams) is a Sable Shaded Silver Tortie female long haired, (LH), Burmilla born 29 October 1997. She is the daughter of CH Meerani above , a Sable Smoke (above) and Apollo , a Red Tipped Silver short haired Burmilla. She, along with her brother , are the first of the North American breed LH Burmillas. She has very few Tortie markings and is very much aware of her beauty and position. Dreams is the first of her breed to become a Grand Champion in North America. 

The picture if pressed on will give a view of her at 4 months. 
She has been posted to the sales page.

blaze CH Strathkirk Blazing Sun of Horizons at 2.5 year 

(Blaze) is a Red female Foreign F2 Burmese born 9 Mar. 1996. She is the daughter of GD CH Pagan Prince and CH Caliope Jane,daughter od Pandora above. Blaze gets the Cattery prize for the most "purrs" in any given period of time. She is physically very robust and has lovely gold Burmese eyes. 

Blaze is the recipient of the Canadian Cat Association 1997 National Best of Breed Award.

If you click on the picture you can see a picture of Blaze at 1 year.

Blaze now lives in San Diego

CH Tajens Pandora of Strathkirk 

(Pandora) is a Sable Tortie female European Burmese born 12 October 1991. She is the daughter of GD CH Midsummer Glow, a Red British Burmese and CH Pretty Patches, a Brown/Sable British Burmese. Pandora was imported from England. A healthy, strong cat with loads of purr-sonality, she has had many striking litters! She died quietly after a spay operation with complications in June of 2000. . 


vesta Ch Horizons Vesta is a Sable Tipped Silver Tortie female Burmilla born 28 July 1997. She is the daughter of Isis , a Brown Shaded Silver Burmilla and Apollo , a Red Tipped Silver Burmilla. She is an expressive and outgoing cat who is now managing a large household of her own.
christian Chico Christian of Strathkirk 

(Christy), is a Chinhilla male born 19 April 1996. He is the son of Luckylite Rosetta , a Golden Persian and Ch. Sonata Brioso, a Chinchilla Persian. Christy was imported from England to be a foundation stud for our Burmilla program. He is a silvered Persian of "old" type with a round face and clear evidence of a "nose"! 
He has now been neutered and has that special home.

Horizons Calypso of Strathkirk

She is a Black Tipped Silver Tortie female F1 Burmilla born 24 June 1997. She is the daughter of CH (Angel), a Cream Foreign Burmese and Christian , our Chinchilla Persian. She now have a home of her own.

ginette CH Ginette (Ginny) (age 5 yrs.) is a quiet and fairly timid Platinum Traditional Burmese cat. She can be very affectionate. Ginny has had a number of homes with various breeders before coming to Strathkirk and so more than other cats, needs a stable and loving home. Ginny is fond of other cats and is friends with Molly. Ginny was born 5 Sep 1993. She is the daughter of CH Babcock White Knight, a CCA registered Platinum Burmese (thus Traditional??) whose parents were both of English origin (27c) and CH Sarsucats Niccolette, a Platinum Traditional Burmese. Ginny should go to an adult home where she can bond with her own special humans! 

as a 8 month boy
and as a retired adult
Ch Horizons Daedalous 

(Daeds) is a Black Shaded Silver male F2 Burmilla born 8 April 1998. He is the son of CH Mimosa Morning, a Champagne Tortie Foreign Burmese and Orion, a Red Tipped Silver F1 Burmilla short hair. As such he is our own separate ( non English) line of Burmillas. Daeds is 3 years old in this picture and has been raised with 2 Foreign Burmese males Louis and Falcon. He was  slower to mature and is a good 2 inches longer. He was shown once as a kitten and the judges comment was he was "too Siamese like" (ie Tube body). The latest book from England "Cats" by David Alderton has a number of breed photographs. We think he is just right. He is now a massive (13 pds) and muscular cat with all the breadth of the Burmilla we know and a lot more length. Daeds has produced 2 outstanding litters. He now has his own home. This photo is from his owners taken in April of 01.

Deadalous is the recipient of the Canadian Cat Association 1999 National Best of Beed award.

a mother
b mother
cb mother
ta heterzygous= high colour
l offspring
i mother ?suspected
wb mother

Ch Kalmer's Nemesis of Horizons 

(Nems) is a Sable Tortie Ticked (Patched)Silver Tabby female F2 Burmilla born 23 July 1998. She is the daughter of CH Tala, a Sable Traditional Burmese and Orion, , a Red Tipped Silver F1 Burmilla short hair. Nems took over and whipped the adults into shape at 11 weeks of age! She is very outgoing and friendly, so it is our belief that every cattery should have a Kalmer cat.

precious CH Precious Moment. ( Precious) is a champagne female born 30 Oct 1995. She is the daughter of GD CH Lord Thorowald, a Blue Traditional Burmese and CH Sweet Charlotte, a Champagne Traditional Burmese.
CH Strathkirk Purr-sephonie of Horizons

(Sepher), is a Sable Tipped Silver female born 22 July 1996.She is the daughter of CH Caliope, a Sable Tortie Foreign Burmese and CH Mercury , our Brown Shaded Silver Tiffanie. Sepher is the sister of Apollo above. As such, she is the first female Burmilla born in Canada. Sepher is a robust girl who is light in colour and has a gentle purr-sonality!

louis Ch Horizons Spirit of St. Louis

(Lou) is a Red male Foreign F2 Burmese born 5 Apr 1998. His mother is CH. Blaze, a Red Foreign F2 Burmese (above) and his father is CH Red Baron , a Red Foreign F1 Burmese, now retired and living with a very special person in Brunei. Lou is very robust and strong.

If you click on the picture you will get another view of the boy.

Ch Strathkirk Bronwyn

(Brons) is a lovely, active Sable Tortie female European Burmese born 23 Sept 1997. She is the daughter of CH Pandora, a Sable Tortie Foreign / European Burmese (above) and GD CH Pagan Princea Red Foreign / European Burmese now retired. Brons is extremely affectionate.

. Ch Strathkirk's Not-So-Shy-Boy

(Shy) is a Sable Silver Ticked Tabby male long haired, (LH), Burmilla born 14 Mar 1998. He is the son of CH Demetre , a Sable Smoke short haired Burmilla and CH Hercules , a Champagne Ticked Tabby short haired Burmilla. He has a wonderful sheen to his semi-long haired coat. Shy is out going and loves to receive complements concerning his "ruff"! He is retired and has a home of his own as of Mar 2002

artimus Ch Horizons Artemis 

(Art) is a Black Shaded Silver F2 Burmilla male. He was born 05 Jan 1999.He is the son of Andromeda(a Black Shaded Silver SH Burmilla female F1) & Falcon (a Cream Foreign Burmese male). Andromeda and Falcon are both large cats relative to their breeds and this kitty has large paws so we expect a very big boy. Art carries the long hair gene. 

If you click on the picture you can see Artemis at 3 months.

bb Strathkirk BB of Horizons 

BB is a shorthaired Champagne Ticked Tabby Burmilla female.She was born March 14 1998 and is the daughter of Demetre, a Sable Smoke Burmilla F4 female and Hercules, a Champagne Ticked Tabby F4 male . 
B.B. carries the long haired gene.
a mother 
l by offspring Esmarelda

CH Horizons Mimosa Morning

(Mims) is a Champagne Tortie female Foreign F1 Burmese born 3 Feb 1997. Her mother is CH. Blue Skies, a Blue Cream Foreign F1Burmese (above) and her father is CH (Beau)Our Man Beau a Champagne Traditional Burmese, now retrired. Mims can do the 100 ft. dash, landing in a skid --- right in the middle of the litter pan! 

beowolfe Laki Beowolfe of Strathkirk 

(Beowolfe) is a Sable male born 16 Jan 1997. He is the son of INT CH Shyboy , a Champagne Traditional Burmese and CH Proud Mary, a Sable Traditional Burmese. Beowolfe has a beautiful coat which is admired by his ladies and all the breeders who seek him out as a Stud male!  Both Beowolfe and Gallahad below have been transfered to an operating cattery in California. They are whole, happy and meeting new queens. We expect their sons to be coming to us in the next year. They can be contacted on request.


CH Strathkirk Sir Gallahad

(Gallahad) is a Blue male born 30 Mar 1996. He is the son of GD CH Lord Thorowald , a Blue Traditional Burmese and CH Sweet Molly , a Champagne Traditional Burmese (above). Gallahad is a gentle and fairly quiet lad who likes to "woo" his female friends.

Ch Horizons Hespera at 4 month

(Hesa) is a Black smoke Tortie F2 SH Burmilla female born 27 Nov 1998. Her mother is Venus , a Black Tortie Shaded Silver Burmilla F1 and her father is Galahad, a Blue Traditional Burmese. Hesa is quick and can jump higher than any of the other cats!

Horizons Miss Tick

(Mystic) is a Black Ticked Golden Tabby female F1 Burmilla born 25 August 1997. She is the daughter of CH Renaissance , a Sable Traditional Burmese and Christian, our Chinchilla Persian. One of our most clever cats, Mystic taught her first kittens how to hunt rubber mice!

a mother
cb mother
l father
ta father