Notable non working Cats Page 4  (2002)
These cats are presented generally in the order in which they were retired.
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Gitalya Magnificat of Horizons 

Magnificat is a Platinum Tortie European Burmese female. She is from South Africa.  Her father is CH Gitalya Timaling Viking Warrior DM (Imp UK) and her mother is CH Gitalya Crystal Clowde. 
This girl lives up to her name in every way.

CH Strathkirk Scarlet

(Scarlet) is a large, healthy, easy going Red female European ( F+) Burmese born 19 Mar 1994. She is the daughter of Ch. Pandora , a Sable Tortie European Burmese  and GD CH Pagan Prince a Red European Burmese now retired. Scarlet is a striking example of a red Burmese!
 Pict  taken in summer 2001 is with her kittens from Excalibar. She exhibits the typical Burmese hooded look.
She has been speyed

morning_glory CH Strathkirk Morning Glory 

(Glory) is a Blue Cream female Foreign F1 Burmese born 23 Sept. 1995. She is the daughter of INT CH Prince Charming, a Sable Traditional Burmese and CH Maple Fudge, a Platinum Tortie Foreign Burmese. Both parents are retired. She is retired to a home of her own.

Strathkirk Aphrodite Returns

A Champagne Tipped F2 Burmilla, Aphodite -R- was born on 26 Mar 1999. She is the daughter of Ch Strathkirk Aphrodite, a Black tipped Burmilla F1 female and Laki's Beowolfe, a Sable Traditional Burmese.
Strathkirk Aphrodite is from Christian and Ginette. She is typical in appearance of an F1 breeding.
She is retired to a home of her own

a - father
cb - father

F3 Burmilla Kittens  from Born 5 Jan 02 to
 X Not-So-Shy-Boy( LH Sable Silver Ticked Tabby F+ Burmilla)
1 sable self
1 sable shaded female

wigram Ch Ouranos Wigram of Horizons at 6 months 

(Wigs) is a Sable European Burmese male whose DOB is 25 April 1999. He is the son of CH Nemo Du Comte De Toulouse (Father) and INT CH Mezzo Soprono Du Moulin Vieux (Mother). We are very pleased to have Wigs as part of our breeding program! Wigram was bred by --- 

Mrs Sylvie Cavin of Switzerland 

--- Thanks Sylvie for such a loving, special boy! His pedigree is European. Interested North American breeders should note his lines.
Wigram is not a cobby cat. On a spectrum scale of square to long in Burmese, he is long. He was input to our lines to break away from that North American look, and he certainly has done that.
As of Oct 2001 Wigram breeds easily, and has produced numerous kittens. His litters have high yield, easy birthing, negligable mortality, and enormous vitality. All kittens, both Burmese and Burmillas, are very outgoing and similar in character. 
We have not seen another sire, so profoundly, "make his mark".
We are very pleased.
Wigs was retired July 02, neutered, and departed to a home in Peterborough.

Ch Horizons Suada 

This Sable Saded Silver  F3  girl Born Oct 3 / 00 to Kalmer Blaze of Glory  (Sable Shaded Silver Tortie F2 female SH, Burmilla) & Odysseus (short hair sable Tipped male F3). She is rather long in this picture but  she is like her grandfather and has grown into those ears.
Photo Feb 4 01

a due self kitten with mustang
b due champagne kitten
d due blue kitten
wb [probable]due no smokes(all narrow band a/a) in litter

Ta/ta due clear leg banding robinsons p 137 ??
Swb/swb due from odysseus who is swb/swb, and not showing herself

 Suada's first litter born April 7 02 with
 Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese)
1 Blue  male,1 champagne shaded silver male, 1 champagne female
retired July 02

Cutesey Totally  Precious of Strathkirk
Cutsey Totally Precious is a black patched tabby F1 Burmilla.  She is from Christian and Cutesy Miss Kancha. DOB 06/11/98.  She is a sweet natured cat and a wonderful Mom.  She successfully raised a litter of 8 last fall, including Orpheus our first black.

Ch Horizons Kittyhawk 
A Blue female Foreign Burmese. Born Dec 26 '00     photo mar 24 01. From Firecracker (Sable Tortie female Foreign F2 Burmese) & Wigram (Sable European Burmese) -- Foreign F3
bottom photo july 02

first litter
F4 Foreign Burmese kittens born July 2 /02 to
with Mustang (Sable male F+ European Burmese)
1 Sable male
1 Sable female
1 Champagne male
1 Champagne female


Ch Horizons Silver Dart at 6 months. 

(Dart) is a Platinum female Foreign F1 Burmese born 29 Mar 1998. Her mother is CH. Blue Skies , a Blue Cream Foreign F1 Burmese (above) and her father is Nickle, a Blue Traditional Burmese, now retired. Dart has the exquisite fur known to be reserved for the Sable Burmese! 

If you look closely you can see why this colour is called "lilac" in England. This iridescence can usually only be seen in bright sunlight. It is one of the reasons we prefer the European/Foreign Burmese. We think she is an outstanding cat but suspect it is unlikely she will do well in front of North American judges who judge indoors. We shall see.

Ch Horizons Phantom
A platinum F2 male Born Mar 27 / 01 from Magnificat (Platinum Tortie female European Burmese) and Falcon (Cream male Foreign F1 Burmese)---F2. Phantom displays his father's powerful build and his mother's foreign head. He will be a large boy with all the health and vigour from his diverse lineage, along with an easygoing nature. He is much like Tusker above.
Photo Oct.1/01

Laki Eclipse of Horizons
A Sable Tortie female Foreign F1 Burmese  Born  Aug 6 2001   from Ch Vindouro Perry of Council Rock a Champagne (Traditional) Burmese female and Council Rock Crusher a Red (F3 Foreign - our classification) Burmese male. She arrived Nov 23  01 from a trip to the CFA show in Buffalo NY. She is out of Barb Kish's Laki cattery.  As Barb said ,"This girl is a guy's cat" and she is.

Her pedigree is posted
Photo jan 02

first litter
F2 Foreign Burmese kittens born July 11 02 to
with  MapleLeaf (Red European  F+Burmese) F2 Foreign Burmese
1 sable tortie female who is Tempest
1 red male
1 champagne tortie female
Second litter  of July 30 03 with the same boy

3 girls, 2 red and one sable tortie

Gitalya Excalibar of Strathkirk 

Excalibar is a Cream European Bumese male. He is from South Africa.  His father is GD CH Gitalya Adversane Asian England and his mother is CH Gitalya Acis.  Thsi is a big boy with a nice temperament.
He is retired and has a home of his own.


Ch Premar Odysseus of Horizons 

"O boy", an F3 Burmilla born 31 March 1999, is the son B.B shorthaired Champagne Ticked Tabby Burmilla female and Daedalous (Black Shaded Silver SH Burmilla male F2). He is a short hair Champagne Tipped male. No cat gives face like the O boy, he is everything his father is and then some.  This picture is interesting. because if you look at the head shot  taken a in  Oct. 2000 he appears Champagne. He is now very dark in that area and clearly Sable. He is the sister to Isis below
b mother
cb/cb by appearance
d a dilute daughter by rumina
L he has not produced a long hair in two breedings with carriers
i  a golden son by rumina
Ta/ not visible
wb daughter by rumina a narrow band

Ch Horizons Medusa 
Red Tipped Silver F3 female born 4 June 01 to
Aurora is a Red Tipped Silver female F2 SH Burmilla) and (Far) Horizon (An F2 SH Cream Shaded Silver male Burmilla) -- This girl may be a thick coat shorthair, we shall see. she has many purrszzz and much attitude.
photo sept/01 and Mar 24 02

We suspect she may be cream(d)?? little else can be determined
a -  from litter below
cb the litter below appears pointed she may well be cbcb --
as of Jan 09 we know this is not so.
wb - from litter below

first litter
F+ Burmilla kittens born July 10 02 to
with  Mapleleaf (Red European  F+Burmese)
2 red  females 
1 red tipped male  to become the Silver Phoenix

Ch Horizons Phaedra

An F2 shorthair  Black Tortie Female Burmilla kitten born June 20 00 to Miss Tick (Black Ticked Tabby SH Burmilla female F1) & Falcon(Cream Foreign F1 Burmese male) --We do believe this girl is the route to the black LH. She is retired to her own home
take 9/30/00
cb    -father
d - father
i  - mother, Ipossible if theory correct as falcon is powdercoat
we suspect she is L/l 

First litter born May 5 02 with  Tusker ( Blue  Foreign F2 Burmese ) F3 Burmilla kittens. This is the first litter that are three generations to Burmese from the original cross to the Persian.
1 Black Tortie Self female who we will keep
3 Sable Self males
2 Cream Self males

Ch Horizons Lucina

An F3 SH Full expression Champagne Smoke female born 19 Jan 2000 from Meerani (Sable Smoke LH Burmilla female F4) & Daedalous (Black Shaded Silver SH Burmilla male F2). She carries long hair and is a long cat like her father. we had called her a sable smoke but upon reflection and greater understanding have revised that to the above. Meranii produced Zeus so carried b and Dardelous was from a champagne mother. 

picture Sept. 30 00 at 8 months

l  - mother
b -  from profile discussion above
cb from dame and her litters
the self male makes her a wb carrier
Some of the first litter born July 25 01  with 
Xanabu ( a LH Red Tipped Silver (Cameo Shell) F3 male Burmilla)
both are sable smoke torties Destiny on the right is LH
Second litter F 3 Burmilla kittens born July 5 02 with Far Horizon (SH Cream Shaded Silver  F2 Burmilla)
2 black smoke tortie females, sh, 1 black shaded tortie female ,sh
1 sable smoke male, sh, 1 sable shaded male, 1 sable self male 

Ch Premar Isis of Horizons 

An F3 a short hair Black Smoke female Burmilla born 31 March 1999, is the from  B.B shorthaired Champagne Ticked Tabby Burmilla female and Daedalous (Black Shaded Silver SH Burmilla male F2). 
on 1 oct oo. She is the sister to O boy above. 

b  - mother
cb from her kitten  nightingale
l from a number of long haired kittens
Ta can be seen, suspect Ta /Ta
wb from her kitten, a narrow band long hair 'brown' tabby called Brown Shadow + others in third litter
I/i by golden boy in third litter

third litter with  X Nelson (LH  Sable Shaded Silver  F+  Burmilla ) F3 Burmillas  7 kittens dob sept 29 2002
2 sable  silver  wideband. 1 male 1 female ( of the 4 throught the middle they are wide,narroe,wide ,narrow)
2 sable silver narrow band  females at least 1 is a longhair
black smoke female sh (center back)
black golden ticked narrow band male sh (rh end)
sable self or smoke female lh (the keeper in front)
photo Nov 02 02

Ch Horizons Nelson

Nelson was born 27 Jan. 1999. He is a long hair Sable Shaded Silver Burmilla (F+)boy, the son of Zeus, a Champagne Smoke Burmilla F+ SH male and Purr-sephonie , a Sable Tipped Silver SH Burmilla  F+ female. He exhibits the deep chest and broad head of his grandfather Mercury, he is very affectionate with long liquid purrs for all who pass by.

A/a .B/b.cb/cb.D/-.l/l.o/o.Ta/-.I/i.Wb/wb (SWB/swb)
A/a due his father is smoke
B/b father champagne
he may be Ta/ta as he has leg baring
Wb/wb due father and proven by Brown Shadow a narrow band boy. 
swb proven with kitten Lady Hamilton by Leading Lady
I/i from third litter with  Isis above

Ch Horizons Flamethower

An  LH Red Self(see below)F3 Burmilla female born 22 Aug 00 to Aurora(Red Tipped Silver SH Burmilla female F2) & Apollo(Red Tipped Silver SH Burmilla male F4) 
picture to the left is from Mar 25/01

On Feb 20 02 Flames produced the above, her first litter with Wigram a Sable European Burmese who carries dilute. All kittens were "selfs" there were 2 red males, a cream male' and 3 tortie females, a sable, a platinum and a blue. All appeared to be Burmese restricted or sepia
The conclusion then has to be that Flames is not a shaded silver but a red self, non agouti, champagne carrier masked by red, sepia, abby tabby, silver/golden unknown, narrow band cat, carrying dilute.
the Platinum tortie was kept and is Dia

gene code
a/a .?/b.cb/cb.D/d.l/l.O/O.Ta/-.I?.wb/wb