Notable non working Cats Page 5 (2003)
These cats are presented generally in the order in which they were retired.
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Nightingale, Ecstacy, Esmerelda Firecracker, Bacchus, Tusker, Cattuluss, Comet, Mirage,   Undeniably Hebe,   Olly,  Thunderflash,    Nereids,  Phoenix,  

Ch Horizons Nightingale

An F3 Sable Shaded Silver LH Burmilla  female born June 7 00 to Isis(Black smoke SH Burmilla female F3) & Nelson (Sable Shaded Silver LH Burmilla Male F4)
first 2 pictures as of Sept 30 00.
bottom  mar 02

an agouti,sable,sepia and dense colour, longhair,abby tabby,silver wideband cat
gene code
A/a .B/-.cb/cb.D/-.l/l.o/o.Ta/-.I/-.Wb/wb
a from mother
cb from view
wb from first litter with Lockinvar a narrow band smoke (self) kitten
second litter

Horizons Pluvius and brother
SH sable shaded male SH  F + Burmilla, males  born Mar 9 2003 to 
 with Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) 
photo may 11 03 
She is retired to a home of her own

Strathkirk Jonquill

Phoenix has a shy sister who has decided to stay for a while and be a part of the European breeding program. She declines to be photographed at this time. 
she is an F+ Cream female born May 8 /01 to Scarlet  (Red European Burmese) and Excalibar (Cream male European Burmese)

ecstacy Ch Horizons Ecstacy
is a Sable Golden Ticked F3 female born 9 June 01 to
is a Black Golden Ticked female F3 LH Burmilla) and Fluffernutter(An F3 LH Sable Ticked Silver male Burmilla) 
photo sept 01
We had originally called her Champagne but her paw pads indicate she is sable. We see her as narrowband. The combination of agouti (A/-) and burmese expression (B/-) leads to difficulty in colour identification
a from selfs in 1 st litter below

F+ Burmilla kittens dob sept 29 2002 to
with X Tusker ( Blue  Foreign F2 Burmese ) 
2 males sable selfs one we will keep
1 champagne male
1 sable golden narrowband tabby male. He was at first identified as silver but the rufism around his face has developed and indicates otherwise.

Ch Premar Esmerelda of Horizons born 5 Feb 2000 from B.B.(Champagne Ticked Tabby SH Burmilla male F4) and Artemis (Black Shaded Silver SH Burmilla Male F2) --- F3 
She has the softest fur.

 wo pictures  on Sept 30 00
n agouti,black,full and dense colour, longhair,abby tabby,golden narrowband cat
gene code
A/- .B/b.C/cb.D/-.l/l.o/o.Ta/-.i/i.wb/wb
b  mother
c kitten was sepia

first litter produced Ecstacy shown above

 2nd litter with Cattuluss (SHCream self  F+ Burmilla )
1 indigo ticked narrow band male, Sh
1 indigo ticked narrow band male, Lh
1 indigo cream self female LH and 
a LH Havanna (full exp champagne)tortie female 
there are no smokes and all are narrowband

Ch Horizons Firecracker taken April 16 2000.

(Cracker) is a Sable Tortie female Foreign F2 Burmese born 1 July 1999. Her mother is CH. Mimosa Morning , a Champagne Tortie Foreign F1Burmese (above) and her father is M GD CH Olly , a Red European Burmese, above. She has very plush fur and knows it too!

Horizons Bacchus
born April 7 02 to
Suada   (SH Sable Saded Silver  F3 Burmilla) X Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) 
An F+ Blue  male Burmilla
photo 15 Mar 03

gene code
a/a .B/-.cb/cb.d/d.L/-.o/*.Ta/-.I/?.wb/wb
cb/cb from both parents

Ch Horizons Tusker 
A Blue male Foreign Burmese Born Jan 5 / 01 photo mar 24 01. From Silver Dart (Platinum female Foreign F1 Burmese) & Wigram (Sable European Burmese) -- Foreign F2
All of Wigrams kittens have a lot of energy with much character.
he is 
a/a.B/b.cb/cb.d/d.l/l..o/x.Ta/-.I/-.wb/wb? swb?
His breeding with Ectacy a champagne golden burmilla indicates he is a I/- cat which would be valid re his powder coat.
Strathkirk Nike
A sable shaded female F3 Burmilla  from Born 5 Jan 02 to
Aphrodite R (SH Champagne Tipped F2 Burmilla) X Not-So-Shy-Boy( LH Sable Silver Ticked Tabby F+ Burmilla)
Strathkirk Delphi
A silver ticked tabby female F 3 Burmilla Kitten Born Jan 6 02 to
Iolanthe ( SH Sable Shaded Silver F3 Burmilla) X Orpheus( SH Black male Burmilla  F2)
catalus Horizons Cattuluss
F+ Burmilla Cream male born Feb 20 02
Flamethrower (LH Red Self F3 Burmilla ) X Wigram (Sable European F+ Burmese)
photo June 5 /02 and he is now a big boy
This powerful boy has a deep purr.

gene profile
a/a.B?.cb/cb.d/d.L/l.O/x.Ta/-.I/i.wb/wb .swb?
l dame proven is first litter with LH
I/i first litter with esmarelda a golden girl - silver kittens and father is burmese i/i
wbwb theories hold ,first litter with esms a narrow band have no smokes

Ch Horizons Comet

A Blue cream female Foreign Burmese Born 29 Aug. '00  from Angel (Cream Foreign F2 Burmese female) & Wigram(Sable European Burmese male) --- Foreign F3
picture on Dec 28 00
photo may 11 03
F4 Frn Burmese kittens born 4/7/03
with Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) 
1 red male 1 sable tortie female

mirage Ch Horizons Mirage on April 16 2000 on a dull day. 

Mirage is a Cream female Foreign F3 Burmese born 20 Sept 1999. Her mother is Angel a Cream female Foreign F2 Burmese and Excalibir a Cream male European Burmese. Mirage is a lively and very talkative girl!

Rumba Undeniably of Horizons

Deni comes to us from England  vis Barb Kish's Laki cattery. She is registered CCA, TICA and CFA. She is a  Champagne  Tortie European Burmese born 24 Oct.99 from Rumba Quintessent Quasar and Rumba Windfall. Deni loves you to distraction.
Her Pedigree is posted.
Photo jan 12/03

Ch Strathkirk Hebe of Horizons
a SH Sable Shaded Burmilla F3 female born May 23/01 to Iolanthe (SH Sable Shaded Silver F3 Female) and Blue Basel(LH Blue self F3 male)
photo 10/13/01

a from father
d from father
l from father
wb from father

second litter (1st no survivors) kittens Born  May 15 2003
 with Far Horizon (SH Cream Shaded Silver  F2 Burmilla) ,
2 sable shaded silver tortie females sh??
1 sable shaded male sh

olly M GD CH Quenody Red Olinthus of Strathkirk 

(Olly), is a Red male European Burmese. He is the son of Braeside Sulzensilk of Quenody and GD CH Pagan Prince now retired. The English Pedigrees of both cats are posted. He is CCA and CFA registered. Olly is the best-natured cat in our Cattery! 

Olly is the recipient of the Canadian Cat Association 1998 National Best of Breed Award. He also received the Regional 11th Best cat of all breeds.

Ch Horizons Thunderflash taken April 15 2000.  Flash is a Red female Foreign F3 Burmese born 3 Nov. 1999. Her mother is Magnificat Platinum Tortie female European Burmese and Spirit of St. Louis a Red male Foreign F2 Burmese. First at the food dish and last to be found at the scene of a crime!
2nd litter , with B. Barry, 3 red m, 2 champ torties one of whom is Catalina. Jan 02
Horizons Nereids born 18 Aug. 01 to
Diana  (Black Smoke Tortie F3 Burmilla female SH ) and Wigram (Sable European Burmese male) -- F+ Indigo Tortie Burmilla female
photo May 13 /02.
Strathkirk Infrequently Phoenix
Phoenix is an F+ Red female born May 8 /01 to Scarlet  (Red European Burmese) and Excalibar (Cream male European Burmese)
photo Nov 12 02