Notable non working Cats Page 6 (2003'4)
These cats are presented generally in the order in which they were retired.
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 Mapleleaf, Leda,   Destiny, Far Horizon, Mustang, Piper, Dan the Man, Minerva, Dia, Theseus , Eros, Sophie, Harmony, Rumina, Chipmunk, Leading lady, Stinson,  Heaven, Echo, Tempest

International GD CH (CFA and CCA) Coomakista Red Mapleleaf of Horizons
photo through a dirty widow Mar 24  02  - we'll work on that!!
He is hard to photo as he is very active.
Born 30 Sept. 2001 to Kaburthai Albertine and sire Coomakista Cezanne in Cork, Ireland and arrived in Toronto Mar. 9 2002. He is a European Burmese and was registered both CCA and CFA. We first met him at the Irish Supreme show where he was judged the best of the Burmese kittens.

We have a page dedicated to a series of copy written photos taken by Chanan on Feb. 16 03 on the day he became an International Grand Champion.
Leaf died unexpectedly Jan 14/04. He was active and breeding until his last week. He was the first CFA Red "E Burm." Grand Champion, and will be much missed. He "threw" his nature and conformity thus we hope all is not lost. 
gene profile
a/a. B/b cb/cb. D/d. O/x . Ta/Ta i/i. wbwb


kiteclipse1 1st litter eclipse

eclipse kits 2nd litter with eclipse
heavenkits1   litter with heaven +blue +3
heavenkits2 second litter with heaven

litter with Destiny of burmillas

His last litter European Burmese kittens born Mar 9 04 with
 Spitfire  European Burmese
1 red male,1 red female,1 cream male and
cream female.Ash, Willow, and Linden

Ch Horizons Leda
born 9 June 01 to
Rumina (Sable Shaded Silver F4 SH Burmilla) and Odysseus (An F3 SH Sable Tipped Silver male Burmilla)-F3
 A Champagne ?? Tipped Silver female with her granddames fine soft fur and gentle nature.
photo 9/15/01 and mar 24 02
given her fathers history she may turn sable, we will make her so.

Ta? not clearly visible but reasonable

as of the litter below we can now call her as

b champagne kitten
comfirmed cbcb
she is probable I/I but golden is difficult to see, we reserve on this
Wb all are wide band so probable homozygous

 first litter  Burmilla kittens born Nov 21 2003 F +
with  Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) f+ Burmilla
1 sable shaded silver female
2 champagne shaded silver females
1 champagne shaded silver male
1 champagne smoke female
none show super wide band which is as expected , but they will be carriers if our suppositions are correct
Horizons Destiny
 Born July 25 01 Sable Tortie Smoke female F3 to
Lucina (An F3 SH Sable Smoke female) and 
Xanabu ( a LH Red Tipped Silver (Cameo Shell) F3 male Burmilla) This girl has a lot of fur for a Burmilla and a neck ruff. She is like her grandmother.
photo Mar 27 02

This is a tall girl with all the eligance of a high fashion model and the attitude to go with it. a/a.B/-.cb/cb.D/-.l/l-.O/o.Ta/?.I/-.Wb/- 
She illustrates the darker sable colour that is characteristic of the silvered cats. There is no question in our minds that she is a sepia black, this from her paw pad colour.
Burmilla kittens born Mar 7 04
with    MapleLeaf (Red European  F+Burmese).  F+ Burmilla
1 cameo male , 1 cameo female, 1 sable tortiesmoke female
Ch Coomakista Far Horizon of Horizons

The Far boy  comes to us from Ireland, born 30 June 00. He is an F2 Cream Shaded Silver (SH) Burmilla . His sire was Quercus Roderick Random, his Dam Coomakista Marilyn Munro. He is the litter mate to Leading Lady
He was bred by Maura O'Rourke. His pedigree is posted.
The fur on this boy is to die for.
Far is  a  72 43fsq (short hair shaded cream  silver sepia) cat  from a 72 43s (short hair black shaded silver) sire and a 6843 dsq (longhair shaded red silver sepia) dame

genetic profile
A?.B?.cb/cb.(see below)d/d.L/l.O/y.Ta?-.I/-.wb/wb, swb/swb
? are masked and unknown (see below)
cb/cb.d/d.L/-.O are from his description, dd being in question.
l is from his dame
first litter with Aurora are all like him and produce  Medusa , below his kittens by his second litter with  Lucina
Farkits1 .Farkits2
2 black smoke tortie females, sh 1 black shaded tortie female ,sh
1 sable smoke male, sh 1 sable shaded male, 1 sable self male 

The girls on the right is agouti thus he is A/- the smoke kittens make him A/a
the black girls make him B/- . it is unlikely he is B/b given the luchina was bb
the self male makes him a wb carrier
Ta is not proven from his litter above and remains questionable given the rings on his tail. His sister Leading Lady also shows that sign. The Ta kittens come from the dame. Time will prove the issue.
He also produced Claudius with Main Jellett.
On that basis we have wb/wb and swb/swb see genetics discussion1

Int.Ch Horizons Mustang 
A sable male European Burmese Born Feb. 1 01 
Undeniably (Champagne Tortie European Burmese female) & 
Olly (Red European Burmese male) --- Deni is CCA/CFA registered as is Olly. Mustang is CCA and CFA registered and Ch in both.
photo Mar 5 01.
and nov. 01

b from mother
d from litter with Suada   his second litter born April 7 02 
 his first litter born mar 14 02  produced all champagne kittens and Piper


Burmilla kittens born Nov 21 2003 F + with
Leda (SH Champagne Tipped Silver f3 Burmilla) 
1 sable shaded silver female
2 champagne shaded silver females
1 champagne shaded silver male
1 champagne smoke female

European burmese kittens born  Dec 3 03  with
Main Jellett( Platinum European F+ Burmese)
1 sable/ brown male
2 champagne/chocolate males
3 champagne/cocolate female
two are light champagne

Bronte Piper of Horizons 
born 14 March 02 an F3 Burmese Champagne female
from  Horizons Sophie of Bronte who is from [ Silver Dart (Platinum female Foreign F1 Burmese) & Wigram (Sable European Burmese)] --  and Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese)
Photo Nov. 1 02
first litter born Nov19 2003  with Pluvius  (  SH sable shaded male   F + Burmilla) 

piperkits2 sable shaded female, champagne shaded golden female, champagne shaded silver male
Horizons Dan the Man
An F3 sable Shaded Silver LH Burmilla male
dob sept 29 2002 to
Isis  ( SH Black Smoke F3 Burmilla ) X  Nelson (LH  Sable Shaded Silver  F+  Burmilla ) 

gene code
A/a .B/b.cb/cb.D/D.l/l.o/o.Ta/ta-.I/-.Wb/wb.(swb/swb)
A/a from mother but confirmed below
b  see champagn kitten below
cb/cb is confirmed from litter below
D/D  from litter below
ta from mother and confirmed from below
wb is confirmed from red boy below who is not

Photo Jan 12 /03
first litter -with - Chipmunk a blue tortie burmese Oct. 6 2003
A  sable tortie, red male, sable smoke male, sable smoke male and a champagne smoke female. The smokes are wide band, The red is not. photo Dec 25 03. In the torties it is difficult to decide smoke or not but a wide band red will show no colour in the red zoned areas.  (see genetic discussion)
Horizons Minerva
born 18 May 01 to
Silver Dart (Dart) is a Platinum female Foreign F1 Burmese) and Fluffernutter (An F3 LH Sable Ticked Silver male Burmilla) - F4
Sable Ticked golden female
photo 9/15/01

a from her mother
b from mother
d from mother
l from father
o and Ta are visible
we guess Ta/Ta given robinson  p 137 para 0

she is narrow band
her litter mates were 3 selfs, 2 ticked as she is

Horizons Dia
F+ Burmilla Platinum tortie born Feb. 20 02
Flamethrower(LH Red Shaded Silver F3 Burmilla ) X  Wigram (Sable European F+ Burmese)
photo May 13 /02  gene code
a/a .b/b.cb/cb.d/d.L/l.O/o.Ta/-.I/?.wb/wb
photo Nov 03

Horizons Theseus 

A sable self male F+ Burmilla   dob Sept. 29 2002
Ecstacy (LH Champagne Golden Ticked Tabby F3 Burmilla) X Tusker ( Blue  Foreign F2 Burmese ) 

photo Oct 8 2003. Theseus is one gentle boy. He would rather love his humans than do his duty.

gene profile

b dam
d sire
l dame
i dame

all else is phenotype

Horizons Eros
A Blue self + Burmilla,  born Feb. 8 2003
Rumina (SH Sable Shaded Silver F+ Burmilla) carries LH and swb x Bacchus (SH Blue self  F+ Burmilla) photo Oct. 8 2003 Eros at 8 months. He will be a big boy. We hope he carries LH.
a/a.B/-. cb/cb.d/d.L/-.o/x.Ta?.i?.wb/wb.swb?

Horizons Sophia 

Champagne European Burmese Female born  Dec 3 03  
Main Jellett ( Platinum European F+ Burmese) X  Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) f+.  She is CCA and CFA registered.

harmony 3
Horizons Harmony

A full expression Lilac female F3 Burmilla dob Oct. 9 2002
LeadingLady( LH  Platinum Tortie Shaded Silver  F2 Burmilla)X  Phantom (Platinum Foreign  F2 Burmese )

photo Oct 14/ 03

gene profile
She sure is the darkest platinum we have seen. Her paw pads indicate the pink tone thus the color seems correct.  The C comes from her mother.
she may well carry swb because her mother did produce Lady Hamilton.
kit harmony

F3 Burmilla kittens born July 7 04
with PluviusSH sable shaded male   F + Burmilla LH Carrier) -
1 sh sable male
1 sh champagne female
1 long hair sable female  (Cloud)
Ch Horizons Rumina born 8 Jan 2000 a SH Sable Shaded Silver Female from Blue Skies (Blue Cream Foreign Burmese female) & Nelson (Sable Shaded Silver LH Burmilla male F4) -- F4 

on April 15 00
and on Sept.30/00

A/a.B/b.cb/cb.D/d.L/l.o/o.Ta/-.I/i.Wb/wb (SWB/swb)
a from mother
b a champagne son first litter
d a dilute daughter first litter and mother
cb/cb she is sepia (sable)
l from father a long hair
i assumed from mother,  proven by son golden in first litter
wb from mother,  proven narrow band daughter  first litter
She carries the swb (super wide band) see daughter Leda

Ruminia's 2 litter F + Burmilla kittens born Feb. 8 2003 with  Bacchus (SH Blue self  F+ Burmilla)

male sable ticked tabby narrow band ?,  female platinum and a sable self male both narrow band

4th litter
f 3 Burmillas kittens Born Feb 23 05 to
and Claudius (blue shaded silver )F3 Burmila male
1 Sable Shaded female ,1 Blue self male and a Champagne self male

photo   15 mar 03

Horizons Chipmunk
Blue tortie female F3 Burmese  born  21 Sept. 01 to
Blue Purr-suasion( Blue Tortie female Foreign F2 Burmese) X Excalibar (Cream Foreign F+ Burmese male)  burmese photo May /02
first litter -with Dan the Man Oct. 6 2003
A sable tortie, red male, sable smoke male, sable smoke male and a champagne smoke female. The smokes are wide band, The red is not. photo Dec 25 03
This is all of Mains and Chipmumk kittens
F4 Burmese kittens born May 20 2004 to
with  Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese)
red male,sable female.champ tortie, blue tortie, blue male
lady in repose
Ch Coomakista LeadingLady of Horizons
Lady comes to us from Ireland, born  30 June 00. She is an F2 Full Expression Lilac Tortie Shaded Silver (LH) . Her sire was Quercus Roderick Random, her Dam Coomakista Marilyn Munro.
She was bred by Maura O'Rourke. Her pedigree is posted. Thank you Maura, Ann had a great time, Jean sure wishes she had come too.
pictures as of Mar 24/01 on a cool morning  and Mar 24 02, 
Leading lady  is  a  68 43js (Tiffanie shaded lilac tortie)cat  from a 72 43s (shorthair black shaded silver)sire and a 6843 dsq (longhair shaded red silver sepia) dame
A/a .b/b.C/cb.d/d.l/l.O/o.ta/ta- .I/.Wb/wb(?) (SWB/swb)
a is from son 1 a self
cb from her  mother (q)
Ta/?- given the lack of colour Ta vice ta can not at this time be confirmed and a close look she shows signs of a macherel tabby pattern
(wb due wbwb offspring 1st litter Sunderland with Nelson who is proven to carry narrowband) this is only good if this boy is a self and he later appears to be slightly smoked see photos on genetics page???
swb proven with kitten  by Nelson shown below  Lady Hamilton
lady k
first litter born Sept 01 full exp champagne smoke, and a Champagne tip. with Nelson
second litter
Phantom(Platinum Foreign  F2 Burmese )F3 Burmilla
 kitten dob Oct 9 a full expression platinum self  and a cream self
kit lady
F3 Burmilla kittens born July 13 04
with Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) -F3 Burmilla
1 sh sable female
1 sh champagne shaded silver female
 long hair carriers and European pedigrees.
stinson photo  Horizons Stinson
an F3 Platinum male Frn Burmese born Mar /27/03
Maine Jellett ( Platinum European F+ Burmese) x Tusker ( Blue  Foreign F2 Burmese )
He is easy going has a constant liquid purr. 
Int. Ch. Lorien Show Me Heaven of Horizons

Heaven arrived  on Nov. 7 02 from Germany. She was born 23 April 02 and is a Chocolate Tortie F+ European Burmese. Her sire is Bunratty Magic Edition and we understand that he was the last breeding of the Bunratty cattery in Australia. Her dame was Lorien Nakita. Thank you Corinna. You know what we like!!
She is CFA and CCA registered and is championed in both.

The pedigree is posted

 first litter--1 blue male+3 X MapleLeaf (Red European  F+Burmese)  European Burmese a cream ,a Red and a tortie

second litter European Burmese kittens born Jan 06 04
  X MapleLeaf (Red European  F+Burmese)  European Burmese
1 red male two choc torties?

Horizons Echo
F3 Burmilla Black Tortie Self female born May 5 02 to
Phaedra (F2 short hair  Black Tortie Female Burmilla) X 
Tusker ( Blue  Foreign F2 Burmese ) F3 Burmilla. She is the first litter that are three unbroken generations to Burmese from the original cross to the Persian.

gene code
a/a .B/-.C/cb.D/d.L/-.O/o.Ta/-.(I/?).wb/wb
cb from sire
d from sire
ta and I are ??unknown
photo Jan12 /03

An F3  kittens born Dec 31 04 with X Pluvius  (  SH sable shaded male   F + Burmilla)   Serona in the middle 

Ch Horizons Tempest
A sable tortie female F2 Foreign Burmese born July 11 02 to
Eclipse ( Sable Tortie female Foreign F1 Burmese) X Mapleleaf (Red European  F+Burmese) F2 Foreign Burmese
Photo oct 14 03

litter 2
F3 Foreign  Burmese kittens born Dec. 22 04 to
 Constitution  Sable European Burmese  F3 F Burmese