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These cats are presented generally in the order in which they were retired.
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Catalina, Claudius, PluviusSpitfire, Niobe, Panacea, Linden , Lola,  Main Jellett, Cabernet, Tribute,  Constitution  .  Camrose .DauntlessSoliloquay   Cassiopeia.  Sirona..Laszlo... Lightning..

Horizons Catalina
Foreign F1 Burmese kitten Born Feb. 13 02 to
Thunderflash (Red female Foreign F3 Burmese) X CH Dm Laki Barrelin Barry (Sable Traditional Burmese) 
Barry's picture and pedigree can be found on P17 of the pedigree index
1 Champagne tortie female 
 photo Nov 28 / 03
first litter

litter 2
second litter with Ash  - Burmese  Buckingham and Lightning


Horizons Claudius
(Blue  golden)F3 Burmila male born May 18 2004 to
Maine Jellett
( Platinum European  Burmese) X Far Horizon (SH Cream Shaded Silver  F2 Burmilla) (european) -

he bred his mother

litter with Rumina


Horizons Pluvius
SH sable shaded male SH  F + Burmilla, male  born Mar 9 2003 to 
Nightingale  (LH Sable Shaded Silver F3 Burmilla ) X Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) 
 He is what a true F4 Burmilla should look like: Identical in conformity to a Burmese, though often somewhat larger due to the out crossing. 'Pluvers' has his mothers quiet nature.

A/a.B/b. cb/cb.D/-.L/-.o/x.Ta/.I/i.Wb/wb.swb?
a  - sire, confirmed in litter in shaded girl
b from litter champagne kittens
cb/cb confirmed in litter , no C kittens
i confirmed with golden kitten
wb - sire
first litter born Nov19 2003  photo dec 25 03 with
Piper (  Champagne F3 Burmese)
piperkits2 Burmilla F+ kittens born Nov19 2003, sable shaded female, champagne shaded golden female, champagne shaded silver male
Burmilla Kittens born Nov 23 2003 F+ to
Tempest (sable tortie female F2 Foreign Burmese) 
 cameo male,  sable  male,  sable smoke female,  sable smoke male

Strathkirk Spitfire of Horizons 
Cream European Burmese female born March 18 03 from 
Strathkirk Infrequently Phoenix  ( a Red European F+Burmese) and  Olly (Red  European  F+ Burmese, )
photo Oct 2003

First litter European Burmese kittens born Mar 9 04 with
  MapleLeaf (Red European  F+Burmese)  European Burmese
1 red male,1 red female,1 cream male and
cream female.Ash, Willow, and Linden

spitfire second litter
3/4 of second litter  born Aug 22 04 all sable torties with  Constitution  Sable European Burmese male. 
4 sable tortie females . Mosaic  They are of considerable character like their mother.
3rd litter
European Burmese Kittens born May 31 05
x Dauntless  a (Cream European Burmese male)  = E Burm
3 cream females
2 cream males

Horizons Niobe
a Sable Tortie shaded silver F3 Burmilla female born May 15 03
to Hebe (SH Sable Shaded F3 Burmilla) carries lh X Far Horizon (SH Cream Shaded Silver  F2 Burmilla)
photo Oct. 8 03 Niobe has her sire's friendly characteristics as all his kittens do.
She is wide band, thus you see no red as it is masked by the wide band. She has one rear paw pad that is half red

gene profile (suggested)

A/-.B/.cb/cb.D/-.L/-.O/o.Ta/-.I/i.Wb/wb .swb/swb
the swb is suspect as she is a tortie
i from golden kitten
wb from kitten
slight banding  of kitten on side is curious re ta
D/D suspect as no k are d/d
A/A suspect as no k are self
photo Aug 2004
1st litter
Burmilla kittens born April 12 05
 with Dauntless  a (Cream European Burmese male)= F+ Burmillas 1 lost sable golden male ,1 sable golden ticked male,   1 sable shaded silver male.
Horizons Panacea
1 female sable shaded silver F + Burmilla born Dec 2 01 to
Nightingale (F3 Sable Shaded Silver LH Burmilla  female) X Lochinvar (Champagne Traditional Burmese male). Panacea was the only surviving kitten in a litter of 5 that caught a devastating cold. She caught nothing and continues to be very healthy. 

gene code
A/a .B/b.cb/cb.D/-.L/l.o/o.Ta/-.I/i.Wb/wb
a father, carries self
b father, carrier champagne
cb from both parents
L father, she carries long hair
i father supposed all burmese golden?? she carries golden
wb father, carries narrow band


Horizons Linden of Krystakat (Brother of Ash)
Horizons Lola
Champagne Shaded Silver F+ Burmilla
 born Nov 21 2003  to
Leda (SH Champagne Tipped Silver f3 Burmilla) X  Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) f+ Burmilla
Lola shows well.
Photos Aug 2004
She misses the aba standard 2000 year requirment by 4 days
Lola was not bred but will be shown.
Int. Ch Coomakista Maine Jellett of Horizons
Born July 8 2001 to Magnacata Elisaveta and sire Ch Coomakista Claude Monet in Cork Ireland. She arrived in Toronto Mar 9 2002. Maine was
shown in England, where she " had a complete red card day at the Croydon, 1st Open, BOB, Best A.C. Burmese, Best Breeders, Best Visitors and Best overall Burmese kitten". She is registered CCA and CFA and championed in both.
This photo was taken on a brite March 27.02 after a snow storm, Her fur is a little wet

kitmain photo may 11
first litter  Burmese kittens born 3/27/03
with  Tusker ( Blue  Foreign F2 Burmese )
1 blue female, blue male, and Stinson

European burmese kittens born  Dec 3 03  
with  Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese)
1 sable/ brown male
2 champagne/chocolate males
3 champagne/cocolate female
two are light champagne

This is all of Mains and Chipmumk kittens
F3 Burmila kittens born May 18 2004 with
 Far Horizon (SH Cream Shaded Silver  F2 Burmilla) (european) 1 blue cream female,1 sable tortie female, 1 caramel shaded silver female, 1 blue self male, 1 sable self male, a blue shaded silver male and  a caramel shaded silver male. Claudius

litter 4
F4 Burmilla kittens born Feb 23 05
with  X Claudius (blue shaded silver )F3 Burmila male ( her son naughty girl)  - 
1  Blue ticked Female
2  Champagne ticked Females
1  Platinum Self Female


E-Burm's Cabernet of Krystakat
a Blue European Burmese female on lease in the winter 05 and spring of 2006
Born 28 April  04
CFA No 1505-1493065
Ch.Rumba Olivertwist  of E-Burm and dam
Ch Starlitemist Azura of E_Burm
Her pedigree information is posted. We find these pedigrees interesting. They tell the reader a lot about who is outcrossing and who is linebreeding.  Compare these pedigrees with the pedigree of Findus ,  our Danish Burmilla import.
Cabernet is well outcrossed, and we see her as a outstanding cat, who shows all the attributes of such a program.

Burmese Kittens Born  Jan 24 06
with Ash (Red Male European Burmese)  -  European Burmese
2 males 1 female. Lancaster,  the champagne was kept for breeding.

Fair Isle Tribute Of Horizons
A Black Shaded Silver LH Burmilla who comes from British Columbia and is from "Tufts"  a Sable shaded male Burmilla ( Nelson and Isis) and Sugar Belle a Tortie Shaded Female (Artemis and Hespera).
DOB  July 16 2004
A/A, B/-, C/cb, D/- l/l, o/o, Ta/-,I/i Wb/wb, swb?
(aba 3)
Burmilla Kitten born Jan 2 2006 with
Coventry  Champagne European Burmese 
it would appear that Tribut e is homzygous for agouti  and heterozygous for wide band and silver

1 Sable shaded silver male
constitution at 4 months    Horizons Constitution

Sable/Brown European Burmese male born  Dec 3 03  
Maine Jellett
( Platinum European F+ Burmese) X  Mustang (Sable European F+ Burmese) f+ . He is  CCA and CFA registered.

gene profile

a/a. B/b. cb/cb. D/d. L/L.o/o Ta/Ta. i/i. wb/wb

assumed Ta , i and wb
Council Rock Camrose of Horizons
 A Blue Tortie European Burmese
Arrived April 24 born Jan 9 2004  to Gr. Ch Bajimbi First Class and Rumba Viceroy  both of Council Rock.

Viceroy resided for a while at Strathkirk cattery and came from England via Barb Kish's son's Council Rock cattery to whence he was returned in late 2003. Hence the name. He is registered CCA, TICA and CFA. His CCA registry is Gr. Ch. Viceroycouncilrock of Strathkirk. You may note that his GCCF pedigree also uses that name.
He is a Cream European Burmese born 26 Oct., 99. 
His Pedigree is posted along with a photo of Viceroy. Both his parents were  Grand Champions.

Camrose's Pedigree is posted along with a photo of Viceroy.

lower photo july 05 of a very calm girl, surprise give her sire.
kits all
Burmese kittens born April 30 06
with  Ash (Red Male European Burmese)
1  Cream male
1  Cream female
1 Sable male
1 Blue tortie female
Fair Isle Dauntless of Horizons
dob July 17 2004
Dauntess comes to us from BC and is a Cream European Burmese male of Australian Lines.
Sire Morvanka Jean Le Savage of Fair Isle
and Bajinbi Sherr Bliss of Fair Isle
He is CCA and CFA registered.
Pedigree is posted (P22)

photos July 05
The reader will note Dauntless is quite marked on his coat.
We agree this is not a good example of the breed from this point of view and find it interesting. We expect he is a Ta/ta mackerel tabby (see genetics section).
He is however a very large and robust cat with a nice disposition with considerable outcross genetics. We expect his kittens to be outstanding. He is an early and easy breeder.

litter 1 with niaobe
litter 2  with spitfire
litter 3 with maple sugar
litter 4 with Mosaic
silly 3
photo Oct 06 in natural light
Horizons Soliloquay
"Sillyquee"  is an f3 Burmilla  LH born Jan 3 2003 to
Esmerelda (L H Black (Golden) Ticked Tabby  F3 Burmilla )*X Cattuluss (SHCream self  F+ Burmilla )

1 sable tortie self female LH genetically we think she is  full expression chocolate
photo 10 15  03 under diff light


a/a.b/b.C/-.D/d.l/l.O/oTa?.I? wb/wb. swb?
d from sire all else as seen

first litter and yes she is full expression chocolate (brown)
F + Burmilla Kittens born Oct 1 05 with
  x Constitution  Sable European Burmese male
1 Black female fe
1 Sable male
1 Champagne female
1 Brown female fe
1 Red  male fe
 2nd litter with Constitution -  champagne girl above and red male missing
2 black males
1 brown male    full expression
3 red male
1 champagne female

Horizons Cassiopeia

F+ Burmilla female born Mar 7 04
Destiny (LH Sable Tortie Smoke F3 Burmilla)X    MapleLeaf (Red European  F+Burmese).  
1 cameo female carries long hair and is wide band red
photo Sept 04
kitacassi1 cameo boy

 first litter
3 Burmilla Kittens born Jan 10 06
with  Constitution  Sable European Burmese.
This breeding should  provide smokes  if our genetics is correct. Up to 50% wide bands possible. it did all are wide  band.
1 cameo male(red)
2 sable tortie smoke females
The reader should note how much the wide band  inhibitor and sepia genes reduce the colour red to the degree that it does not often show except at the points.

Horizons Sirona
 An F3   Sable Shaded Silver Tortie Burmilla female born Dec 31 04 to Echo (SH Black Tortie F3 Burmilla) X Pluvius  (  SH sable shaded male   F + Burmilla)  
may carry LH

Photos  july 05(aba-4)
nioekit1 Horizons Laszlo
 F+ Sable golden ticked  Burmilla male born April 12 05 to
Niobe (SH Sable Tortie Shaded silver F3 Burmilla) x Dauntless  a (Cream European Burmese male)=
 on the left - - brother Pollux, on thre right, is off to Denmark.

gene profile
A/a.B/.cb/cb.D/d.L/-.o/x  .Ta/-. i/i-.wb/wb .Swb/swb
a from sire
cb from both parents
D/d from sire
aba standard (4)
bucksister litter 2
bucksister 2
Horizons Lightning
A Red  female F2 Foreign  Burmese    born Dec. 30  04 to Catalina (Champagne tortie F1 Burmese)X Ash (Red Male European Burmese)
photos july 05

2nd litter
Burmilla kittens born April 7 06
with   Laszlo sable golden ticked F+ Burmilla  - - Burmilla
2 Red m
3 sable tortie f