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Chico Christian of Strathkirk
(Christy), is a Chinhilla male born 19 April 1996. He is the son of Luckylite Rosetta , a Golden Persian and Ch. Sonata Brioso, a Chinchilla Persian. Christy was imported from England to be a foundation Stud for our Burmilla program. He is a silvered Persian of "old" type with a round face and clear evidence of a "nose"!

A silver Persian, (Chinchilla), appears white but is actually a black cat with silver underlay. You can see the black tipping if you look closely at his picture. Thus, his paw pads, lips, and eyelids exhibit his base colour of black. In contrast, a white cat would have pink leather. Christy's nose is brick in colour, which is dominant and desirable in the Burmillas. Because he is a black cat, we should be able to obtain the full expression colours which are not normally available in Burmese.

Chico Christian of Strathkirk

The Persian is only used once for the foundation breeding of any one line. Thereafter, breedings are to Burmese at least 3 times in the next 4 generations. The resulting F4 or full Burmilla can be bred back to Burmese anytime in order to enhance the desirable traits of the Burmese type and temperment.

Christy's offspring will be bred to Mercury's and Meerani's offspring to produce the widest possible genetic pool. He is no longer available for stud as he has now been neutered and has that special home

Because of his special status he will remain on this page. We are expecting to find another Chinchilla Persian within the next 2 years to start another line.

genetic profile

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pedigree is available

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