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Dave Coulas needs help
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June 25 2009

I went out personally today (only because we have no other resources) and spent 5 hours cleaning up this site on Bottle. We have closed the site down and, because of the broken glass everywhere, may not get it open again. I have attached a couple of pics. If people ask why we are implementing a can and bottle ban you can show these pics.
I did find some evidence as to who may have caused this but I could use any information (vehicle plate numbers or ownership) from folks that were towed on the may long weekend or where parked in the parking lot. Can you put some feelers out.
Thanks all
David Coulas
Park Superintendent
Kawartha Highlands Signature Site
Phone 613-332-3940 ext 255
e-mail: david.coulas@ontario.ca

These are large file and slow to load but are 300 dpi at 6 Inches.

note material in forground

look behind the can in the shadows

nice canoe dave. bet it didn't smell to good after that trip!