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This  is two PDF Files  so the information can  delivered two ways
The first provides the covering letter from Adair Ireland-Smith and the explanation letter along with the full policy clarification.
The policy clarification is a plan view document and is difficult to read on screen.
It is the second page of that section  that has the comments re cottage lots being aquired from willing owners.
We wish you to be aware of this because it is this document that does not agree with insigned  "Frequently Asked Question.." sheet we believe has been put out by Nancy Wilson of the MNR's Bancroft office. This incorrect MNR sheet has been delivered to the bulk of the cottagers association in their mailing, was delivered to the North Kawartha council as a valid piece of information, and has been posted under Ms Wilsons name of other private web sites.
If you wish a print copy this is the document you should use.

This second PDF file is similar to the one above.  It includes the Mr Moss note as to validity.
It also includes a number of organization charts of the various sections of the MNR  for future reference.

Please note that Acrobat allows the reader to reorient his document. It is on the control bar 2/3 of the way to the right.