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Land Tenure map  south of Bottle creek on Catchacoma Lake.

The water on the north of the map is Bottle creek  Map orientation is North to the top
see below

Following the the shoreline from the top right corner of the map the property owners are as follows
Ccrown land; GA  S H; I B; P B; W W
M F; M Fi  ; G(F; Crown land (noted and marked as reserve in blue.)
The next properties are clearly in Mc Ginniss lake and are part of the Beaver lake association as we
 Contunuing south on Catchacoma those properties are part of a division of land in the last few years
and we are unclear as to ownership. They are not immediate  to the park. Some of the owners are:-
GM; K &  S; M  O StC
SRe L N.

There is a one lane gravel road that is called the N Mcginnis road, that proceeds along the back of the
north shore McGinnis Lake properties to a roundabout just below the top "WS" on the map. It then proceeds to the
corner of the I b property and then to the F property. It is depicted on the map but difficult to see.
It forks at about the top of the "W" and proceeds behind the SH property and then crosses into the
eastern boundry of the gA property about 100' South of the bottle creek shoreline  .

                                                                                                                                    bottle creek


It is our understanding that MNR have said this area West and South of the road is Buffer zone, not park
We are not clear on what is the disposition of the area marked Reserve,
nor do we think prospective park clients will be clear. unless clear marking takes place.

All abuting property owners made up of:; A,; H,; Ba,;Bat;,and F
wish a large Buffer as a minimum to follow the lot 23/24 boundry line from Bottle creek shoreline in the north thence
south to the N McGinnis road.
We understand that view is also held by the closly associated properties of W, F and F.
At this time we hold a proxie from M F for the vote on this buffer issue.