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Kawartha Highlands Ratepayers’ Association (KHRASS)
c/o  Gary B. Faulkner                   Tel. (705) 657-8432
R.R. #1                     email
Buckhorn, ON  K0L 1J0                   Fax (call first) (705) 657-9189

April 23, 2003
Memo re: KHRASS
From:  Founding Members


The formation of The Kawartha Highlands Ratepayers’ Association (KHRASS, pronounced crass) has been motivated by the unprecedented and unnecessary compromise of sustainable Free Use Policy Privileges and property access rights / privileges that could occur, affecting locals as well as visitors to the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site area, if the recommendations of the Ontario’s Living Legacy (OLL) - Kawartha Highlands Signature Site (KHSS) - Local Stakeholders’ Committee (LSC) were to be implemented.

There is a need for a "grassroots organization" that will provide property owners throughout the entire KHSS, as well as some interested and affected persons outside of the KHSS area, with accurate and timely information that individuals, as well as associations, can act on within very short time frames. Several lakes in the KHSS area do not have lake associations (e.g. Gold, Big Cedar, Coon and Pencil), and many affected property owners on the KHSS periphery do not own property on any of the KHSS lakes. These persons have no vote with some umbrella organizations which only allow executive appointees of member associations to vote at their meetings.

In short, many affected persons have no current source of accurate KHSS information or an effective way to represent themselves as part of a group that they, at least in part, control directly with their votes.  Also, there are minority sub-groups within certain groups whose positions are not fairly represented.

Much, if not most, of the current information being widely publicized outside of the area regarding the KHSS is extremely biased and inaccurate.  Kawartha Highlands Ratepayers can help - we know the facts and the sources of faulty information - but we need to be more effective.  We stand to lose the most if this faulty information is not corrected.  To influence certain groups and officials we require a more formalized structure and a membership list, and we need it immediately.  Hence, we suggest formalizing an association called the Kawartha Highlands Ratepayers’ Association.

KHRASS - Proposed Purposes and Objectives

a) To provide an effective grassroots communication network, linking persons throughout the entire KHSS area, that will provide information to members enabling them to make more informed responses, within the incredibly short time frames allowed, to government proposals and initiatives affecting them.   KHSS issues are especially important at this time.

b)   To promote environmental protection by realistic and affordable mechanisms, especially in the KHPP area.

c)  To preserve wherever possible the marvelous provisions of the Free Use Policy (sustainable use of Crown land for general recreational purposes), for locals and visitors, on the Crown lands in the KHSS area.

d) To preserve traditional privileges and / or rights related to private property access (roads, trails and utility corridors) and a reasonable degree of privacy for private properties.

e) To oppose the redesignation of General Use Crown land that is immediately adjacent to private property in those instances where such a redesignation would impact negatively on c) and d) and / or would facilitate the acquisition / expropriation of private property in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.1.7 of the Ontario’s Living Legacy Land Use Strategy, July 1999.

f) To recommend and to participate in co-stewardship management plans designed to promote b), c) and d), that will also mitigate potential conflicts that might result from  c) and d).

g) To examine, publicize and, where deemed appropriate, to protect against the regulatory erosion of citizens’ rights regarding the enjoyment of private and public lands (thanks, in part, to the Ontario Property and Environmental Rights Association).

h) To provide timely, practical, innovative and constructively critical suggestions where, when, and to whomsoever such input might be warranted.

i) To recognize that members of associations vote - but associations do not; and to promote direct, effective, timely and informed contact between individual members  of  KHRASS (voters)  and elected politicians in their ridings.

j) To remedy the currently unsatisfactory state of affairs regarding the KHSS within the framework implied by points a) through i) above with particular attention, in the short term at least, to the neglect of the existing Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park (KHPP) and other sensitive areas such as Wolf and Crab Lakes.


Persons of voting age who identify with the purposes and issues stated above are encouraged to join KHRASS.  The unnecessary loss of sustainable Free Use Policy Privileges and property rights should concern all Ontarians.  For example, persons purchasing trail passes for OFSC Trails or Ontario Outdoor Cards for use in the KHSS are, in effect, KHSS area ratepayers.

There may be times when it will be appropriate to make a submission on behalf of the entire KHRASS Membership.  At such times it may be useful to state the number of members eligible to vote in Municipal, Provincial and Federal elections, and the ridings in which they may vote. In order to simplify keeping track of the number of eligible voters there should be only one member per membership.

Foreign property owners are also welcome and, while we cannot enable you to vote in Canadian elections, we can make the effort to accommodate and promote your views at the association level.

Founding Members

Membership Application: requires MS word to open. If it doesn't work for you email gary directly and request form.