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Kawartha Highlands Ratepayersí Association Newsletter Index

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03.07-003  July 09 No. 1  - This Newsletter is a continuation of Newsletter 03.07-002 which is required to understand the information in this item.  - Letter from Robert Holroyd, Sep. 27, 2001
- SGKH Letter to Gary Stewart, June 11th, 2002.
- LSCís reasons for recommending A, B, C and D.
03.07-002 July 08, No. 1 - Exclusions from the KHSS along the north Gold to Anstruther Lake Road, 
- Exclusions from the KHSS along the south Anstruther to Gold Lake Road, and
- Requests for exclusions from the KHSS along the roads between Gold and Anstruther Lakes.
- George Drum letter with preface by Peter Chown.
03.07-001 July 05 No. 1 - The KHSS Park Boundary Proposed in the LSCís November 2001 Recommendations for the lakes in Cavendish and Harvey. 
- Exclusions from the KHSS Recommended by the LSC in Cavendish and Harvey. 
- Implications of Bill 100 and the Charter for Cottagers whose access roads will traverse Crown lands which are part of the KHSS Park.
- Remedies provided for property owners in the KHSS Park Charter.
- none
03.06-003 June 22 No. 1 Question from McGinniss Lake cottager Brent Stiller re: inaccuracies in LSC Exclusion  Map. 1 LSC Map of  Beaver-McGinniss-Catchacoma Exclusion

2  Land Tenure: North McGinniss & Catchacoma from "the Cut" to Bottle Creek

3 KHRASS Membership Application

03.06-002 June 21 No.1 Question from McGinniss Lake cottager Gary Crandell.  Answer applies to other lakes where exclusions have been recommended (e.g. Big Cedar, Gold, Mississagua east shore)

Cottage access roads that have not been assumed by the municipality, and are located on Crown lands that have been recommended to be excluded from the KHSS Park by the LSC.  These excluded lands on which the roads are located remain as General Use Crown land as they were prior to Lands for Life and Ontarioís Living Legacy initiatives, and the usage of the road by cottagers should not change.

NB:  Property owners on AnstrutherWolf, Looncall, Long and Loucks, and parts of Pencil, Gold and  Catchacoma do not obtain the benefits of "exclusions".

1 LSC Map of  Beaver-McGinniss-Catchacoma Exclusion

2 KHRASS Membership Application

03.06-001 June 19 No. 1 Overview of period covering Bill 239, the appointment of Chris Hodgson, development of the KHSS Park Charter and Introduction of Bill 100. 1 First Reading of Bill 100 

2 Members Comments (Eves, Hampton, Parsons)

Final Charter (Version 7)

4 KHRASS Membership Application