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KHRASS Newsletter
June 22, 2003 No. 1

NB: This newsletter is the personal opinion / reply of the writer, Gary Faulkner, in response to the questions posed by Brent Stiller below. Brent is a neighbour of Gary Crandell on the north shore of McGinniss Lake. Hopefully this opinion will be useful to other recipients who are being "blind copied".  While the writer is presenting what he believes to be accurate information, you may wish to seek confirmation from other sources including the MNR.  Please let me know if I have made any errors.

NB: Please refer to KHRASS Newsletter June 21, 2003, No. 1 and the accompanying attachments, especially the map showing the exclusion recommended around Beaver, Cavendish and Gold Lakes.

Brent’s Questions:

-----Original Message-----
From: Brent Stiller []
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2003 7:36 AM
To: Gary Faulkner
Subject: Re: Bill 100
What is your last document titled Nov 2001 'Details of Exclusion recommended by LSC?" all about? and why are some parts of the north shore of MCginn Lake omitted?

Gary Faulkner’s Answers:

Brent, For ease of reference I am sending you another copy of the map you refer to above with this letter, call it "map #1".  I am also sending you a fairly accurate map showing land tenure on North McGinniss and the eastern shore of Catchacoma between the Cut and Bottle Creek, call it "map #2".  Map #1 was not produced by me, it was provided to me by the KHSS Project Office last year.

I assume that your question relates to the inaccuracies portrayed on map #1.  Please note the following points.

i) On map #1 yellow and white are supposed to represent General Use Crown land.  Yellow is intended to represent Crown lands recommended to be "excluded" from the KHSS as its boundary was initially proposed in March and July, 1999.  These recommendations were made by the LSC in August and November 2001.  Private property is shown on map #1 coloured gray.

ii) Compare map #1 with map #2 and you will see that much of the private property in the area is shown as Crown land on map #1.  This is very hard for me to understand since the land tenure in the area has not changed significantly since 1958.  Why is the MNR / LSC still sending out inaccurate information, information that is over forty years out of date?

iii) The roads shown on map #1 are quite inaccurate.  In particular, the road extending from the east end of Beaver Lake along the south shore of Bottle Creek does not exist.  Transient visitors to the area looking for this road to access the long-existing (1850 hectare) KHPP, I am told, have been arriving at cottages along the north shore of McGinniss and the east shore of Catchacoma, in the vicinity of the Battye and Field properties, looking for directions to a road that does not exist.  Note that the road from Gold Lake to Anstruther is shown as a trail.

iv) The LSC was asked to correct some of these errors by the writer, the Fire Chief for Galway-Cavendish and Harvey and the CCRAI as early as September 23, 2000.

v) Subsequently, Presidents of the BBCM Association, Darlington and Aube, also requested corrections to maps that were not made.

vi) Regardless of the intent, the effect of this inaccurate information has been to understate the degree of existing private property development and infrastructure in the KHSS area.  This in turn has lead to an understatement of the effect the "park designation" will have on owners of adjacent private property when this information has been spread to some of the environmental groups, that know nothing about the area, but have had a very significant effect on the outcome affecting us (private property owners).  Some of these groups believe that the KHSS is an undeveloped wilderness and have no idea that it contains about 2000 private properties, almost all of which were sold by the Crown prior to 1960.

vii) Lot 55 shown on map #2 is a so-called "MNR Shelf Lot".  It was created by the MNR when your lots were created, but was never sold.  There is currently a moratorium on the sale of such lots on our chain of lakes pending the outcome of various cold-water trout lake studies.  Should the moratorium be lifted, then the Ontario’s Living Legacy Land Use Strategy (OLL-LUS) could permit the sale of such lots.  See section 6.1.8 on page 17 of the OLL-LUS.

viii) Please note that the exclusion identified by the arrow labeled 9 on map #1 was requested by a single person, Marg Freyer of Gold Lake, at the August 25th, 2001 meeting of the LSC held in Apsely.  Subsequently her request was supported by the Council for Galway-Cavendish and Harvey and the CCRAI.  Her request was recommended in the November Recommendations of the LSC.  On the other hand, no exclusion was recommended at the northeast end of the (north) Gold to Anstruther Lake Road.  Did this occur simply because no one at the northeast end of the road asked for a boundary adjustment??

A Positive Note:

As mentioned in KHRASS Newsletter June 21, 2003 No. 1 it is an enormous advantage for property owners along the Beaver-McGinniss Lake Road (including property owners on the south end of Catchacoma, the north end of Mississagua and the Catchacoma Narrows) to have the exclusion shown on map #1 recommended in the "Chris Hodgson Solution" to the KHSS dilemma.  It is also an enormous advantage to have the "access from the west, north of Catchacoma", that is promised in Bill 100 and the associated Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Charter.  This should mitigate many of the concerns of most persons who are neighbours of Gary Crandell and Brent Stiller.

In this regard we wish to note that this outcome is due in no small part to the efforts of Reeve Tom Flynn and Councillor Don LaCombe who, in particular, have spent many, many hours trying to protect property rights for ratepayers in Galway-Cavendish and Harvey.

A Commercial:

 Re: KHRASS: If any recipients find the information in this and other KHRASS Newsletters to be useful, then I hope that you will join KHRASS if you have not already done so.  A membership application is attached. I will do my best to continue to answer questions received from persons who are not members of KHRASS but, for obvious reasons, I would appreciate your support for KHRASS.

 Please note that we have changed the name  "Property Owners Of the Kawartha Highlands" to the "Kawartha Highlands Ratepayers’ Association".  The problem with the first name is that if we become an incorporated association, as might be desirable, the acronym would become "The POOKHs Ass".  Some persons thought this was fine, but most disagreed.

 Anyone who applied for membership in Pookhs has been made a member of KHRASS.  We now have members on all lakes and connecting waterways in the KHSS area, in addition to some members who do not own waterfront properties.

I hope the information above is useful.

Gary Faulkner

Accompanying attachments:

Map Beaver-McGinniss-Catchacoma Exclusion
 Map  Land Tenure Map for North McGinniss and Catchacoma, The Cut to Bottle
 KHRASS Membership Application