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Jan 30     Trail mapping project
Feb. 5      Our web site - -SGKH  with copies of mail out from MNR.
On June 18 2003 Peter Chowan made representation to FOCA and on Oct. 27 FOCA replied. Feb. 10 of 2004 there will be a response.
map and contacts  Feb 10th  for comment re park boundaries and trails.
What a bird told us Feb 10 th
Message from Jon Hobbs on Tue, 24 Feb 2004 to Minister re position of CCA
Letter from  The Corporation of the Township of NORTH KAWARTHA dated February 16, 2004 to Ministry of Natural Resources
Management Advisory Board Attention:  Kim Dunford, Chairperson
Letter from President Anstruther Dam Road Association. Feb 24  04
Submission from STAKEHOLDER GROUPS OF THE KAWARTHA HIGHLANDS February 25, 2004 EBR Registry Number: RB04E3001 to Nancy Wilson, Project Manager

----- Message from on Fri., 30 Jan 2004 16:44:02
-0500 -----
  Subject: Trail mapping project     
Thanks for your interest in the trail project. The KHSS Charter indicates that the Management Advisory Board is to make recommendations to the Minister regarding trails in the Signature Site area. The Board has one year to submit its recommendations following proclamation of the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park Act. This leaves us with a window of opportunity to map existing trails in the protected area.

The field component of the mapping project is seasonally oriented. Our strategy was to begin some mapping by ATV this past fall and continue that until the snow made trail running too difficult. We will begin mapping some snowmobile trails through February this year or for as long as ice conditions allow. After the trails dry up to allow ATV access in the spring, we will continue mapping land trails for as long as leaf cover allows us. We have some pretty sophisticated GPS equipment but we have not had the opportunity to see how it will be affected by the forest canopy. Typically GPS equipment can have some difficulty getting a fix on satellites in heavy leaf cover. Since we have some fairly strict accuracy requirements we may have to curtail date collection in the summer until leaf cover begins to thin again next fall. At that time we will continue mapping land trails by ATV, switching again next winter to snowmobiles to pickup any remaining snowmobile trails. I expect we will still be able to continue mapping in the spring of '05 by ATV to pick up any other trails that remain.

We have purposely been taking an incremental approach to contacting the public for their information regarding trails. Since we knew there would be a lot of activity on the ground from hunters last fall, we decided to contact our registered hunt camps on Crown land first. We mailed out maps of their individual hunting areas with an invitation to contribute their local knowledge of cultural heritage, natural and topographic features. Next we contacted trappers for their information. We have had others come in the office to provide us with information as well.

We have sent letters and maps to cottage association representatives for Wolf, Anstruther, Loon Call, Long/Loucks, Coon, Mississauga, Bottle/Beaver and Catchacoma Lakes. We sent the Catchacoma information package to John Hobbs as that was a contact name we had at the time. We sent him the map when the packages were mailed to the other associations. We will be working on this project over the next year at least, so we have some time to complete the mapping. It is not critical that we get your reply right away, however, the sooner, the better.

We have the location of many trails in our MNR data base already and the submission of new trail information often confirms information we already have. We get a lot of over lap on information which is good from our perspective as it helps us get as complete a picture as possible of the trails, historical sites and feature names in the Signature Site.

If you need further information, it is probably best that you contact Nancy Wilson, as I have a temporary work assignment away from this project. Her number is 613 332 3940 ex 255.

We note that there is no offer to share this information with us  to review  nor is the information publicly posted as can easily be done on a web site. We are disappointed.

Feb. 7 2004  From Rick Meridew
Hi to all Members,
A short note to draw your attention to the fact that the KHSS is moving through the final public input stage prior to being regulated as a
provincial park.
You have about 20 days to comment on boundary refinement. Once the boundaries are finalized the KHSS will become regulated as a provincial park.

Our web site:  has been updated with the Charter, the KHSS Park Act - Bill 100, an MNR fact sheet, maps and links to the EBR site and official KHSS site. This was a mailing to some parties.
This should provide you with the relevant reference material.
The deadline for comment is February 25th 2004.

Also being discussed are trails and roads. Let me know if your organization has NOT been contacted by Tim Grey regarding trails.

SGKH is presently scheduling an AGMeeting for Monday the 23 Feb. in Peterborough.
 Feb. 13
 We have visited the Ontario living legacy website and have down the PDF file of the map of the area that pertains to Catachacoma Lake.
It is a large file that can be magnified and reviewed for boundaries and trails. As it says in the mailing noted above  you have till Feb. 25 to make comment. by emailing "" or phoning Nancy Wilson at 613 332-3940

 Feb 13
We have it from a bird that KHSS Management Board is disfunctional due infighting, and
 that GPAEDC has had it's funding slashed and the rats are jumping ship.

the following has been edited only  to fit this format and personal email address have been removed

----- Message from jon hobbs on Tue, 24 Feb 2004

      To: kdunford, minister.mnr,   
      cc: Peter Vandervelden , Peter Battye, Joan Wilson    
 Subject: Charter for Provincial Park - Kawartha Highlands Signature Site                                

Submission to the Ministry of Natural Resources
David Ramsay MPP, Ministry of Natural Resources
Nancy Wilson, Project Manager
Kim Dunford, SGKH

The Catchacoma Cottagers Association strongly supports cementing of the entire Charter to the KHSS  Park Act and the yet undeveloped  KHSS Park Management Plan and strongly urges swift proclamation of the entire Charter. This will ensure the  full implementation of the articles and intent of the Charter,  that was signed and agreed to by all parties. The Charter is crucial to the long term protection and uniqueness of the KHSS (in relation to other Provincial Parks), and the Charter should be effective and in force for the duration of the KHSS.

The Charter states under the heading:

" Restrictions on New Park Development"
 "NO FACILITY  that is intended to be used by the PUBLIC shall be erected or constructed by the Ministry at a location that is within 100 metres of PRIVATE PROPERTY that is surrounded  by Parks Lands or abuts Park Lands on or after the day this section comes into force."

The CCA submits that 100 metres is insufficient space between facilities used by the public and private property to properly respect the needs of either party. The CCA recommends that 100 metres be increased to 500 metres . The CCA further submits that there should be a distance of  500 metres between facilities used by the public and cold water lakes, and sensitive shorelines, to preserve the wilderness in its natural state, and to ensure the environmental protection of these areas.

President and Board  of Directors of the
Catchacoma Cottagers Association

the following has been edited only  to fit this format

    P.O. Box 550, 135 Burleigh St.,
Apsley, Ontario  K0L 1A0
(705) 656-4445 or 1-800-755-6931
Fax:  (705) 656-4446

The Corporation of the Township of

February 16, 2004

Ministry of Natural Resources
Management Advisory Board
C/O Kawartha Highlands Project Office
Box 500
106 Monck Road
Bancroft, ON   K0L 1C0

Attention:  Kim Dunford, Chairperson

Dear Mr. Dunford:

We have been expecting to hear from the Management Advisory Board regarding the management plan for the upcoming season in the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site. The charter states "Planning of the Park should be coordinated with the municipalities so as to respect municipal responsibilities." The charter further states "The park management plan and the ongoing management of the park will recognize the essential role played by municipalities." Page 10.

We are particularly concerned with the fact that the Ontario Living Legacy Local Stakeholder Committee advised the public that cottage access roads would not be used to access the new park, and indeed the charter states on page 11 (2) "two new roads will be constructed in the park, one of which shall provide public access to the park from the western border of the park and the other shall provide public access from the eastern border of the park."

We are therefore requesting clarification on what access points will be utilized and what roads will be used.  If municipal roads are going to be used, which appears certain for the summer of 2004, what compensation is being considered to the township for increased maintenance?

We have not been contacted by Ontario Parks or your committee on your plan to handle the garbage and recycling generated by park visitors. Will your committee be placing bins for these two purposes at your access points? Will park staff be responsible for picking up the garbage and recycling? Since the township of North Kawartha is in the process of developing a waste plan, which could include waste pick up, please advise and we will have the service company quote on waste and recycling bins at your access areas.

We have received no word on a compensation package to reimburse our Fire Department to put out or control fires, which people build too large, and or leave unattended. Please advise on Parks Ontario policy in this regard.

We have had a 59% increase in our policing cost, and with the influx of people using the Park, the number of calls could significantly increase.  Has the Management Advisory Board put a plan in place for reimbursement or will you be making a separate contract with the O.P.P?

We are already receiving letters and calls from ratepayers advising us that their cottage road, which they built and maintain, are being clogged with cars, people parking in private driveways and going camping for two or three days.  We are also receiving complaints that visitors are advising landowners that they might own the building but they can go across their land because it is a Provincial Park, and proceed to do so. What liability is Ontario Parks undertaking if someone is injured on private property? Who is liable for damage to private property caused by campers and canoers?  We have already been advised of campfires on private property. Who is going to educate the public as to provincial park rules, and why is it still being advertised with no infrastructure in place?

The Management Advisory Board has been meeting since last summer, we would hope that the process to solve these concerns has been dealt with, and we are requesting an answer as soon as possible.

The Associations in the area received a newsletter and map for the public to check the boundary of the new Park.  North Kawartha and Galway Cavendish Harvey Townships planned an open house so that all our ratepayers could check their own property and other boundaries. We planned to send the notification out in our tax bills at the end of February. The closing date for input as you know is February 25th, so Reeve Whelan phoned Nancy Wilson the co-coordinator and asked for an extension in order to give us time to set up the meeting.  We were advised very matter of factly that February 25th, was the date, it was 30 days, and it was on the website. To have these deadlines for input so tight and further have them in the middle of winter in an area where 75% of the residents affected are in the Greater Toronto Area, St. Catherine’s etc is not satisfactory. Further the map sent with the package is woefully inadequate. (page 9 section 3) "The minister shall ensure that the management plan for the park and any major revisions to that plan are prepared with prior public consultation" (page 6 d) "That decisions with respect to the development and any major revision of the management plan for the park are made with prior public consultation" We will be contacting the Minister to see if the boundary letter and refusal of an extension fits the description in the charter.

In future we are requesting that the public input be a lot more than a letter and a website listing, especially when it comes to roads and trails and how the area is going to be accessed. The latest survey shows that 45% of the population have computers; the website therefore is not reaching 55% of the people.

We also have many ratepayers who are concerned about their access to the area: as an example you have many local people whose taxes have built and maintained the roads, and who go fishing or boating on the lakes with their children and grand-children.  Will these people now be told that they will have to pay a park fee to drive in a road they built, to spend a day on a lake with their children?

We wish to reinforce our previous request to have a member of North Kawartha Council as part of the Management Advisory Board. As the Charter clearly recognizes that the municipalities have a major role to play it is imperative that North Kawartha Council is an active participant of the Management Advisory Board. The Council of the North Kawartha Township wishes to recommend Arnold Brown as their representative to the Management Advisory Board. Mr. Brown is our newly elected councillor at large and a Kawartha Highlands Signature Site multi use stakeholder including 3rd generation cottager, recreational camp lessee, canoer and angler. We sent you a copy of this request and are now requesting your recommendation on this matter to the Minister.

With the understanding that the Management Advisory Board is using the charter as a working document for interim management solutions, what is your timeframe for implementation of a management plan? We look forward to your reply so that we can advise our residents.

Yours truly,

Township of North Kawartha

c.c. Monique RolfvondenBaumen-Clark, MNR
       Township of Galway-Cavendish and Harvey

Ms. Wilson
Find attached a letter re the boundary of the Park, which we feel would help to separate the residents from the visitors, and clearly define the
boundary of the Park.
Thank you:

Alan Quartermain
President Anstruther Dam Rd. Assn.

Ministry of Natural Resources                                                           February 24, 2004
Project Manager
C/O Kawartha Highlands Project Office
Box 500
106 Monck Road
Bancroft, ON   K0L 1C0

Attention:  Nancy Wilson

Dear Ms. Wilson:

The Anstruther Dam Road association – on the south west end of Anstruther Lake, 911 address fire route 61 veering to the left off Anstruther Lake Road up the steep hill just before the Landing.

We would like to request that the southern boundary of the road be used as the Park boundary.  We feel this would make it easier for everyone to see the boundaries of the park and since the road is an access for cottagers there is no need for campers or even canoers to use the road as there is no access to Anstruther Lake.

The 29 cottagers on the road paid for its construction and over the last 35 plus years all the maintenance.  The 4 _ kms dead ends at a private cottage property. 

The North Cold Lake Road is an offshoot of the Anstruther Dam Rd. approx. 4 kms in and 5 cottages on cold lake use and maintain that section of road.

As Monique Rolf von den Baumen Clark states in her letter Jan. 04, "locate regulated boundaries along features that can be identified on the ground." There is no way the boundary as proposed meets this criteria, and as stated, since there is no access to the lake, this would form a natural boundary and would eliminate any conflict between permanent residents, cottagers and visitors.

We look forward to your consideration on this proposal.

Yours truly,

Alan Quartermain
President Anstruther Dam Road Association.

CC. MNR Minister David Ramsey
       Monique Rolf von den Bergen Clark
       MAB Chair Kim Dunford
       NORKLA        SGKH
       Townships:  NK and GC&H 

the following has been edited only  to fit this format from the original PDF file on SGKH letterhead

February 25, 2004

EBR Registry Number: RB04E3001
Nancy Wilson, Project Manager
Kawartha Highlands Project Office
Ministry of Natural Resources
106 Monck Street, P.O. Box 500
Bancroft, Ontario K0L 1C0

Dear Ms. Wilson:
Please accept these comments on boundary adjustments to the proposed Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park (KHSSP) on behalf of
the Stakeholders Group of the Kawartha Highlands (SGKH) an umbrella association of landowners and other stakeholder groups with ongoing ties to the KHSSP.

To paraphrase point 9, page 11 of The Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Charter says that no new park facility for use by the public will be constructed within 100 meters of private property.

 Since the entire KHSSP is a new facility that will be used by the public the MNR must ensure that no portion of the KHSSP boundary will come within 100 meters of any private property.

The same distance of 100 meters should also separate the KHSSP boundary from:
Land held by a municipality
Private cottage roads
Recreation Camps

Given that there have already been situations where transient users have claimed that there is no private property within the KHSSP and
have proceeded to park in private driveways and walk across cottage lots we STRONGLY RECOMMEND lengthening the 100 meter separation to a more practical distance of 300 to 500 meters.


Rick Meridew Len Bourne
Co-Chair Co-Chair

cc Hon. David Ramsay, Minister of Natural Resources
Kim Dunford, Chair, KHSSP Management Advisory Board