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Pedigrees (s = sire, d = dame, gd = grand, ch = champion )
The below is a list of pedigrees of founding cats coming into these two catteries. Generally these pedigrees are on their own pages to reduce uploading times.

Tajens Pandora of Strathkirk ,

all below are breed no. 27 Burmese (Foreign), this is an English certified pedigree
We are informed by Sheena Cook that: " ---. I had the pleasure of owning both U.K. Grand Champion Cassiobury Beechnut and Adreebu Ocala Filbert, Beechnut died six weeks ago at the age of 15 years.Filbert died when he was only three which was a great tragedy. Regards Sheena Cook (Adversane Burmese)" (that was 98/99 as I recall)

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