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The original certified GCCF pedigrees of Vicroy and Undeniably.  I did it as a two part scan which explains the line in the middle. I understand the writing to be that of Barb Kish, though she may correct me. It is based on an English pedigree which uses the numbers 27"X" to denote the coat colour. 27 only is a sable/brown.

He is a typically 'soppy' male Burmese always looking for a cuddle.
Photo in the fall of 00 at  All About Pets show in Toronto.  Vicroy was originaly sold to Barb Kish who registered him in he son's cattery (Councilrock) by Rumba and then resold to Jean Barnard, and now has both a CFA and a CCA pedigree(where he was registered as Vicroycouncilrock). He lived in Toronto for about 2 years and was owned by Strathkirk cattery(JB).  Deni went to Horizons in the "deal". Vicroy's CFA pedigree was never transfered as Deni's was, and he was subsequently traded back to Councilrock where he continues to breed.