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Our Irish connection   Leading Lady a Lilac Tortie Shaded Silver (Tiffanie) Long Haired Burmilla and Far Horizon a Crean Shaded Silver Burmilla Short hair. They are brother and sister. These are the signed pedigrees, we have in our posession the GCCF and GCCFI certified pedigrees to back these up. Thank you Maura. Normally we wouldn't post both but we thought our readers might be interested in their discriptions .


GCCF colour Code
Burmese colors from The Burmese cat  p99
Breed  27
# colour
27      Brown
27a      Blue
27b     Chocolate
27c     Lilac
27d     Red
27e      Brown tortie
27f     Cream
27g     Blue tortie
27h      Choc tortie
27j     Lilac Tortie

10      Chinchilla Persian
54     Golden Persian

Patterns and Colours for Burmilla/Tiffanie
72 Burmilla
68 Tiffanie
42 self or non agouti (smoke)
43 agouti
Next is the colour letter as in Burmese ie d is red, no letter equals black . remember a black, sepia cat is brown to the eye.
Next is S if shaded
And then Q if colour restricted/sepia
1) 72 43 FSQ (shorthair [Burmilla],  agouti, cream shaded silver, sepia[burmese restricted colour])
2) 68 42Q  Brown Smoke tiffanie