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Two pedigrees.
We have included Maura's card as it has her email -  for those who may wish to contact her.
The pencil writing is ours where we note a spelling difference to what we show in other pedigrees.
We understand the NB number to be the Irish Number and the CS to be GCCF. The NS, -  perhaps someone will advise.  - They did

Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 04:14:04 EDT
Subject: Fascinating site

Hello there!

GCCF Judge, Alan Edwards here.  Your enquiry about what "NS" means in front of a GCCF registration number.  It means "New Series".  "NSSR" means New Series Supplementary Register.  "CS" means "Computer Series" and CSSR means Computer Series Supplementary Register.  The New Series numbers came in during the 1970s to replace just a simple number beside each cat.

I also note that where you have Graylag Celebrian you (or someone) has written in "Celebration".  It was "Celebrian" which is a name from Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings".  Michel Gray bred the "Graylag" cats.  He was a gorgeous looking male model.  Quite turned the ladies' heads at shows.

I have been in the cat fancy since 1969 and know (or knew) some of the personalities in all breeds.  Any help I can give........!