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The Danish  certified pedigree of Findus and his parents below
The reader will see that all 5 generations are Burmillas. "T'ain't a Burmese among em!" Remarkable.
Also note the lack of repeats (how nice to see). Silver Jill the only one?? in the 5th.??
n=sort (brun,vildfarvet)
result sable shaded silver is our understanding


Findus sire
findus sire

Findus dam

findus dam

What follows below is a review of the Thamakan Burmilla breeding program tracing the antecedents of those cats shown at the end of the Fundus pedigree above. Oldest are at the top. (Best we can tell.)
It would appear this program started about 1983 ind involved Thamakan in Denmark, and Penric in England.
Blue are Foundation breedings.
Black are first time inserts
Red are repeats.
For those interested it shows how it was done

"Thamakan Silver" or else   male/breed if other female/breed if other
name/dob if avail riex #    
aramis/m riex   maya tobias/chinchilla thamakan francine/f/ burmese
artimus/f 1030 maya tobias/chinchilla thamakan francine/f/ burmese
evan/m (Note-dead end)   aramis/m riex Penric tuppence/f1 bmilla gccf
carioco/m 1114 penric quicksilver/F1bmilla gccf'84 artimus/f
ginnie/f/ 1244 carioco/m Penric tuppence/f1 bmilla gccf
ivor ? carioco/m artimus/f
hebe/f/ 1258 maya manette/chinchilla thamakan Othello/burmese
ina 1288 carioco/m artimus/f
katya 1355 ivor hebe/f/
louis 1360 thamakan Othello/burmese ina
linet ? thamakan Othello/burmese ina
miguel 1365 thamakan Othello/burmese ginnie/f/
patrick 1412 louis katya
Pirette 1413 thamakan Othello/burmese ina
Qvintus 1414 thamakan Othello/burmese ina
Ray ? ivor hebe
Rosina 1441 ivor hebe
klaes   ivor hebe
sadie 1444 miguel katya
shanti 1445 miguel katya
ursa 1490 miguel 1365 ina 1288
wendy 1494 patrick Pirette 1413
corrie 1517 patrick shanti
Frederic 1548 patrick sadie 1444
geo 1558 patrick Rosina
jill 1576 Qvintus 1414 ursa 1490
celine ? patrick shanti
corinne ? patrick shanti
killian 1595 Qvintus shanti
Remo   patrick  
Mirza's Amadeus 1626 kartush damlhet/burmilla england celine
Mirza's Annabell 1628 kartush damlhet/burmilla england celine
pinoccio 1633 geo shanti
Remo 1639 geo sadie 1444
pippi 1643 geo shanti
amalie 93-168 6/7/93 1657 kartush damlhet/burmilla england corrie
amanda 93-169 kartush damlhet/burmilla england corrie
Andre 1662 kartush damlhet/burmilla england wendy 1494
glen 1718 tamakan tortie aniara Burmese Pinoccio 1633
Mirza's Bernhard 5/9/94 lo 78519  Mirza's Amadeus Mirza's Annabell
mirza's Bubbi lo 78520  Mirza's Amadeus Mirza's Annabell
mirza darkov lo 85789 Mirza's Bernhard mirza's Bubbi
Steenbergs Kville 3/25/95 lo 80550 Remo 1639 Amalie 1657
Golden Laika
Talk of the Town
andre 1662
jill 1556
titine 5/10/95 10574 andre 1662 jill 1556
tenderly 10575 andre 1662 jill 1556
valentino 11015 fredric 1548 ursa 1490
steenburg burmilla hera 11298 Glenn 1718 amalie 93-168 6/7/93
bret 8/30/96 11736 valentino 11015 ursa 1490
Howard /8-4-1997
lo 91775
darkov lo85789
pippi 1643
Alida  lo103603  Howard  Talk of the town 10573
upton 13747 Nakimo 12854 Golden Laika 9777