Pedigree 4
CCA Certified Pedigree of Kalmer Herself of Strathkirk, (note the error in their name and eye colour,it's yellow) so much for Certification. Herself has been used in the Burmilla program. I understand that some of her paperwork was lost in the beginning thus the certified pedigree.The delay resulted in her not been shown.

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This the Pedigree of Sulzensilk the Dam of GD Ch Quenody Red Olinthus of Strathkirk

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This is the photocopy of Nickel's pedigree, he is a Blue Traditional Burmese. He does not belong to this cattery. You will note Babcock's White Knight at the great great level. White Knight was imported from England at a time before cats of English descent were differentiated as Foreign /European.

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