Pedigree 6
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First is an unsigned Silkwood pedigree for some neutered cat called Alfie. What is of interest is that his Sire, Halton Ridge Alfie of Silkwood , is named as one of the founding cats of the British lines in "The Burmese Cat" a publication if the Burmese Cat Club Comittee in England. They advise in that book that in June of 1969 this cat was mated to Dormin Psyche by Dr. Allen of Tapawingo while on a visit to Canada. You will notice that he is in the pedigree twice. It is our understanding that Ms. Sally Bray stopped breeding around 1975. and lives in Mississauge Ont., a a part of the greater Toronto area.

Below please find a 1975 silkwood pedigree

This 1975 Silkwood pedigree came to us when a young gentleman approached for a Burmese similar to that which he had as a boy. We are told that when he was 5  he went with his mother to what turned out to be Silkwood cattery. His mother was unable to afford the cat he wished and they departed. A few days later Ms Bray telephoned and gave the family the cat as she was closing out the cattery and she had been impressed by the young lad. He forwarded this pedigree that he had kept these 25 plus years.
This shows a further breeding of Alphie