Pedigree 8
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This signed pedigree of "Cricket" is interesting for at least two reasons . First it is by-in-large an English pedigree as all those NS numbers show. It ends up as a CFA predigree (those 400 numbers under the Parents) and it can be seen that Cricket is CFA registered cat. Thus it shows a mixing of British cats back into the North American lines, something that some CFA breeders would have us believe did not happen. Secondly note in the GGGParents Tapawingo Tahltan. Tapawingo was the cattery of Dr.E.M. Allen who in 1968 mated Dormin Psyche to Halton Ridge Alfie (pedigree previous) and developed the later foundation lines of Burmese in England. His picture (the cat) is available in "The Burmese Cat" a publication of the Burmese cat club in England.